Solapur police commissioner hosts Iftar party for Urdu medium students, sets a good example for the society

Police Commissioner of Solapur city Mr.Harish Baijal serving Iftar to the students of an Urdu medium school.

By Imran Inamdar | Muslim Mirror

Solapur (Maharashtra):  High profile and glamorous Iftar parties mostly attended by political personalities or Bollywood stars have become very common in India, but this Iftar party has its own significance because it was organised exclusively for a primary Urdu school students who are fasting in the holy month of Ramzan.

A student calling Azan.
On Wednesday police commissioner of Solapur city Mr.Harish Baijal, IPS hosted an iftar party for more than 100 primary school  students and teachers belonging to Social Urdu Primary  school, in Solapur district of Maharashtra.
Students praying Meghrib after breaking their fast.

In fact Mr.Harish Baijal  had invited students on Tuesday to have a look into the bird world he created at his home as Mr. Baijal is obsessed with birds.

While interacting with kids he observed that majority of them were fasting as it’s the holy month of Ramadan. He was very impressed by the religious this  practice of kids,  that day only then he decided to arrange an iftar party for them at his place.

Mr.Harish Baijal interacting with the students.

He hosted a well organised Iftar very next day, which was followed by Azan (prayer call) and salah (namaaz/prayer) performed by the children at the commissioner’s venue.

Addressing the gathering Mr.Harish Baijal said “Respect and justice for every religion is a true patriotism”.

While speaking to Muslim Mirror Mr. Harish said, I am a great bird lover , have nearly 100 birds of various breeds, hence I  invite school students to enjoy the company of birds and get closer to beauty of nature. He said that number  of English medium, Marathi medium and Govt. bodies run school children visited my bird sanctuary. But Urdu schools were not in the visitors’ list. After expressing concern during a function, Social Urdu school Head Master Asif Iqbal contacted me for the same purpose and we welcomed him with his staff and students.

I love to spend time with children and it’s an effective way to establish direct contact with the society, Mr.Baijal added further.

The headmaster of the said school Asif Iqbal lauded the initiative of the city police commissioner.

He said, the IPS has set a great example and showed us how to respect and love other religions, which  can remove  misconceptions among people and it leads  to a powerful and secular country.

Asif further said, Iftar was very nicely  hosted, all the arrangements were done beautifully, we were overwhelmed with hospitality of top brass officers, I must say that officers like Baijal sir give strength to secular fabric of our beloved nation and spread brotherhood.

Two little attendees of the CP sir’s Iftar Mantasha Imran Shaikh and Arman Qazi shared their wonderful  experience with police officers to Muslim Mirror.

They said that we were seeing police officers in uniform so close for the first time, commissioner sir was very polite  with us, he served Iftar eatables, showed us his birds and explained the importance of Nature.

Mr.Hairsh Baijal is originally  from Jalna Dist.of Maharashtra and he is a 2005 batch IPS officer.


  1. Such positive initiative will not only go a long way in strengthening Hindu Muslim unity but will repose faith of Muslims specially Muslim Children in Police which is always painted with negative images. Mr Baijal is one of the Best, Candid, Just, Positive & Sporting Police Officers. Hats off to Mr Harish Baijal, CP Solapur.

  2. Highly Appreciated…Rare to find such humble Officers in the society…Sir, u created an example for rest of others…Inviting the small Stars at Home for Birds & then next day for Iftaar..No words

  3. My compliments to the Solapur CP for this brilliant gesture that will definitely be conducive to communal harmony in the society

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