Some people in government polarizing  Covid-19 issue to divert attention from govt’s  incompetence :  Ajay Maken

Ajay Maken

By Abdul Bari Masoud

New Delhi: Refused to be drawn into the issue of communalizing the COVID fight in the country, Congress on Saturday said it is an attempt to divert the attention from the Government’s all round failure in tackling this unprecedented health crisis. Party alleged that  the union  government’s short  of ‘preparedness’ before effecting the lockdown has pushed  millions of people from the downtrodden sections of society particularly migrant workers on the brink of starvation.


At  a special briefing to flag the problems of retail traders, Congress senior spokesperson and former union minister, Ajay Maken said the retail trade is the most dominant economic activity outside the agriculture sector. Quoting the 6th economic census, he said it factors for about 35.41 per cent of the total economic activities and outside the agriculture sector, this is the largest. He said the government has done nothing for these retail traders whose back have been already broken due to the demonetisation, the E-Commerce competition and GST.

While raising the issue of testing Covid-19 cases in less numbers, Maken said Union and Delhi governments were not fully prepared to tackle this gigantic health crisis.

When this correspondent has drawn his attention that a section of forces and section of media is communalizing Covid issue which is weakening our fight against this deadly pandemic and do you not think, it is well-organized campaign to divert the attention from the Government’s failure?

Responding to this, senior Congress leader Ajay Maken said he would not touch any question that would help those forces, who are trying to polarize and divert the attention.

“I firmly believe that we should talk only about suggestions to the Government. How the Government can tide over the present crisis and if we touch any other question we will be helping those forces, who are trying to polarize and divert the attention. I hope you will understand my answer to this and I would just like to say that I would not answer thing other than the Covid issue, what are the lapses as we seek from the Government side and what should the Government do”, he said.

After the Nizamuddin Markaz episode, afresh attempts are made to further communalize the Covid-19 issue by using the alleged participation of Rohingya refugees in the Tablighi Jamaat congregation in Mewat and in the Nizamuddin Markaz.

In this connection, a TV channel’s correspondent sought the party’s   reaction that the Ministry of Home Affairs has asked to all states and union territories to screen Rohingya Muslims in the country as it was found that many of them attended Tablighi Jamaat events in Delhi and Mewat in Haryana?

Maken said certain members in the government would want to polarize the issue in order to divert the attention from the government’s “incompetence and credibility”.

“I won’t comment on it as I have no knowledge and information about this. We are raising the questions on the preparedness of the government in tackling this health crisis while the some functionaries of government want to polarize the issue in order to divert the attention from the government’s “incompetence and credibility. We do not want to fall into this trap.”

On traders’ issue, Congress leader asked the government to clarify its 15th April Order and to come forward to rescue these traders.

The government  should also  ensure that traders  don’t have to pay fix electricity charges and some amount of help is given for paying salaries to their employees, he added while stating that as soon as the lock down period is over, these traders would not be able to stand upon their feet.


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