SSP Security Jammu attacking Muslims and Islam on Twitter: MJAC


Srinagar: Muslim Joint Action Committee, Jammu has written to the home secretary J-K, Shaleen Kabra against Senior Superintendent of Police Security Jammu Swarn Singh Kotwal for resorting to “wanton vilification and repeated attacks through his tweets on Islam and Muslims projecting them as terrorists and airing his political views in contravention to the Service Conducts Rules.”

The letter which is sent through one Parvez Khan a resident of Langar area in Jammu has also been marked to the Inspector General of Police Jammu, SSP Jammu, and SSP Cyber Police Station Kashmir.


The text of the letter reads,

1.That SSP Security Jammu Mr Swarn Singh Kotwal herein after referred as the Accused is a senior officer of Kashmir Police Services (KPS) and presently posted as SSP Security Jammu, responsible for the security of all protectees as classified by the government from time to time.

2.That the said accused operates his personal twitter handle (Swarn Singh Kotwal – @KotwalSwarn) on the micro blogging website Twitter, known world over.

3.That despite being on a very sensitive place of posting and responsible for the safety and security of all sections of the society the said accused has from some time been resorting to wanton vilification and repeated attacks through his tweets on Islam and Muslims projecting them as terrorists. The accused on 29 August, 2020 used an unexpected language to project all Muslims as terrorists by writing, “Time n again all political partieis after every terrorist act of violence paddles aatankwad Ka Koi dharm Nahin hota……but this I think is the biggest fraud being played on all of us. From Delhi, Bengaluru to Sweden the religion is very much visible. Srilanaka n Burma knew it in days”.

4.That the accused on  1 September respondent to a tweet of Sekh Shafique Ansari, “………… people will never praise Indian army n its contribution……..jab khoon mei Gaddafi hai….to baap ka kaise hua”.

5.The said accused retweeted another tweet of one Shefali Vaidya which says, “Isnt it interesting, that peple of only ONE religion take to rioting, burning public property, loot, arson and plunder each time they feel their religion is insulted…no matter which….”. The said accused responded by saying, “Because they are taught so”.

6.The accused further retweeted a tweet wherein Muslims were considered to be a threat as they are joining UPSC. The accused further wrote, “…….the need is to open the eye rather to close it. Jk militancy reveal that since past five years people joining militancy are not poor or unemployed but Engineers Technocrats PGs PhD by design”.

7.That the said accused through his personal tweeter handle has been resorting to a planned and sinister campaign in order to malign Muslims and Islam and create an atmosphere of Islamophobia. The moral turpitude is aimed clearly at created enmity and feelings of hatred and ill-will between different religious.

8.That the said act of the accused constitute serious offences and also violates the service conduct rules besides the moral conduct guidelines issues from time to time.

9.That the complainant is seeking your indulgence to get the matter investigated and take legal action against the accused for the prestige and imagine of government, which otherwise is to be apolitical and unbiased.(Sic)”

Source: Kashmir Walla




  1. i do not agree that he is insulting anybody. He has the right to express his opinions. Muslims should not start pumping up and down every time people question their behavior.

    • So what’s he doing……is he praising the muslims……! Have you read his tweets……??

      Blaming all muslims blatantly for the acts of few is not the freedom of expression or contribution to the nation.

      You should not play with the feelings of one community for each & every reason. There are black sheep in your Hindu community too….. all the Mob lynchings and Hatred being spread by Godhi media everywhere…… whom ??

    • Your name initial is perfect! Means a good donkey in Urdu!
      As per Indian Constitution;
      You cannot spread hatred and try to divide united tri-colour India; especially when you are eating tax-payer’s (read our citizen money) money as government employees taking salary or pension. This is ”Double treason” indeed!

      Read definition of impartial RAAJ-DHARM from your religious scriptures first.

      Absolute undeniable Fact:
      Indian Muslims get least help from the state (SACHAR COMMITTEE REPORT); but still are the most patriotic and most sincerely tax-paying law-abiding citizens, unlike Gujju business runaway crooks.

      May Allah swt provide peace and dignity to Kashmiris and protect from these ”salaried/pensioner” sycophantic fascist VULTURES sucking innocent human blood for few dimes and position.
      JAI HIND!

  2. There are terrorists in whatsoever the religion is……and they act Hand in Glove along with the political parties from time to time according to the scenario.

    He (Swarn Singh) should not have posted such tweets, didn’t he know that one of his colleague Davinder Singh a Senior Police officer of Kashmir was involved in ferrying of the terrorists and who knows he might have helped for the pulwama attack and the investigating agencies are shielding him.

    Didn’t he remember Pragya Thakur and their gang involved in Malegaon blasts and in other places…..! Are they not terrorists…? All are Roaming scot-free after BJP came into power.

    Innocent & Poor muslims are languishing in jails on fake charges.

    Terrorists are there and fed by the politicians to terrorize people when they live in harmony to destabilize the communal fabric.


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