Stop dividing the country: Nadir Godrej

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Mumbai: Godrej Industries Chairman and Managing Director Nadir Godrej has urged the government and the industry to do “more efforts” to stop divisive activities, saying that we should stop “dividing the country”.

Godrej’s remarks assume significance in view of the fact that the country’s leading industrialists generally refrain from making any statements. In 2019, the late businessman Rahul Bajaj had said that there is an atmosphere of fear in the country, where people are afraid to criticize.

Godrej Group Managing Director told news agency PTI on the sidelines of a book launch program that we are doing good work on the economic front and also taking welfare measures like financial inclusion and education, but efforts are being made to unite the country. Need to.

He said, ‘I think dividing the country should stop and try to unite it. I am sure that the government also considers it necessary for economic growth. We should focus on this.

When Godrej was asked whether the industry should also do something about this, he said, “Absolutely, the industry should also try it and try to become more and more inclusive.” The government should also do more work in this regard.

Earlier in 2019, Nadir’s elder brother Adi Godrej had also warned that rising intolerance and hate crime could cause serious damage to development.

Before this, Godrej also spoke on many other topics while addressing the program. He said he wanted to see more freedom of expression where the long arms of the government could not reach and the voices of the opponents could not be suppressed.

He also made it clear that we have to create an environment where ‘healthy debates can flourish, where ideas win because they are right because they are with strength’. He said, ‘Our views should be humanistic, not communal. Sometimes there is a fear that things are not on track and we may lag behind.

The top Godrej Group official said that we need strong institutions and they take a long time to build but it does not take time to suppress or break them.

Godrej said that businesses should also realize that making profit is not the only goal, but while doing something good, you can do better for yourself. We have to think about advancing both social rights and economic development. He also added that the situation of inequality is serious and it is getting worse.

Talking about giving importance to the topics of environment, society and governance in the boardroom discussions, Godrej said that we do not want a world which is only green, but we have to create a ‘new world’ which is green, which is fair and where There should be no inequality. He said, ‘The environment is not everything. As a society we must take steps; Human rights of every person should be taken care of.

On the issue of economy, he said that the GST collection has given optimistic signs. He said that whose prices are coming down and domestic inflation will also be low. Godrej said that the economy is growing rapidly and there are indications that this momentum will continue. (With input from news agencies)

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  1. It is an apt and balanced advice. Inspite of the fact that bycott trend is prevailing in the country this man has guts to open his mouth about the poison being injected in the society. People whose voices matter should come forward and express their concern.


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