Sulli Deals: Congress MP urges Amit Shah to arrest criminals involved in bid to auction Muslim women


By Muslim Mirror Staff

New Delhi: Congress MP Dr Md Jaiwad met Minister of Home Affairs Amit Shah and submitted a letter to him seeking action against ”criminals” in connection with Sulli Deals app and Liberal Doge program, wherein Muslim women were objectified, sexualised and put up for sale.

The letter submitted to Shah is signed by 56 MPs who belong to various parties.


The photographs of several Muslim women were put up on the Sulli Deals app for auction. Similarly, images of several Pakistani women were live-streamed on a Youtube channel called Liberal Doge and filthy comments were made about them.

Dr Jawaid also submitted a similar letter to Congress MP and IT Parliamentary Committee chief Shashi Tharoor asking him to initiate an inquiry into the issue. Earlier, he along with other Congress MPs had protested against police inaction into the same, in front of Gandhi statue on the Parliament premises.


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