Supreme Court must take suo motu cognizance of “love jihad” ordinance: IUML   


By Abdul Bari Masoud

Kozhikode/ New Delhi: The Indian Union Muslim League, the oldest Muslim political party, on Sunday urged the Supreme Court to take up suo motu cognizance of the  ordinances promulgated by the BJP-ruled states against interfaith marriages and declare them same null and void. It also asked the Prime Minister and his government to prevail upon the state government to withdraw these unlawful acts.


The IUML also said the BJP government at the Center must restore the statehood of Jammu and Kashmir immediately as it had promised when the state’s special status was revoked unilaterally last year.

While passing a half dozen resolutions after deliberating upon a range of issues at its National Secretariat meeting held in Kozhikode on Saturday,  the IUML expressed grave concern over the deteriorating social and law and order situation in the country.

Taking the serious note of ordinance against interfaith marriage or the so-called “love Jihad”, IUML has referred to the statement of 104 top retired bureaucrats who said the Uttar Pradesh government’s controversial anti-conversion ordinance has transformed the state into “the epicenter of politics of hate, division and bigotry”.

Resolution said on the pretext of imaginary ‘Love Jihad’ UP, and Madhya Pradesh enacted this anti-constitutional law. Following these states, the other BJP ruled states like Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Karnataka, Haryana and Assam have either enacted or expressed the intent to enact such laws.

“In the recent times the Hindutva forces have continuously made mischievous propaganda that “Interfaith marriages are a conspiracy by Muslims to convert Hindu women with the larger goal of expansion of Islam in India.” This communal poison has been injected even in the police departments of the BJP ruled states.”

It underlines that Muslim youths along with their parents and relatives are indiscriminately arrested, charge sheeted and jailed on false grounds and in certain states, the Qazis along with the Mohalla Jamaat executives have been harassed and taken into custody.

“Targeting of the Muslims has created panic in the families, driving them from their residences to far-off places to escape from the police harassments.”

It appeals to the Apex court to intervene into the matter as the custodian of the Constitution.

“This meeting also appeals to the houourable Supreme Court to take up suo moto cognizance of this unconstitutional law and declare the same null and void.”

It refers to the open letter sent to the UP Chief Minister by 104 retired civil servants to withdraw the newly promulgated ordinance that spreads communal poison in the state.

The IUML also urges the Prime Minister and his government to withdraw these draconian enactments so that people of all communities may live in peace, free from fear and panic.

In another resolution, IUML expressed concern over the Jammu and Kashmir situation and demanded restoration of statehood at the earliest.

“The BJP government at the centre while repealing article 370 and 35A in August 2019 had stated in the Parliament that the union territory status would be of temporary period and the statehood would be restored to Jammu and Kashmir at the earliest”.

The meeting also takes the notice of reported sporadic instances regarding misguided frenzied youth belonging to both Muslim and Hindu communities who forcibly entered mosques for offering Pujas and temples for conducting namaz.  Seeking stern action for miscreants,   it warns that these miscreants who intend to create confusion, ill-will, and consternation in the society are a grave menace to the peaceful and harmony loving people in the country.

On the Assam issue of migrants, IUML says the government of India should pay heed to the candid voice of Assam and revoke the NRC in the state and proclaim 1.9 million Assamese as the genuine lawful citizens of India.

The meeting also passed resolutions on federalism, and making civic election mandatory.  The IUML secretariat also discussed the issue of cremating Muslim dead bodies who died due to covid-19.  It appealed Sri Lankan government to revoke the prevailing legal hurdle that denies the Srilankan Muslim Community to practice their natural fundamental religious right so that they may live in peace, harmony and tranquility.

  “——–But, unfortunately, the government of Srilanka has legalised the cremation of the Muslim dead bodies to the great shock and surprise of the Muslims over the entire world. This meeting, therefore, urges upon the government of Srilanka to honour and respect the religious belief and sentiments of its 10% Muslim citizens by permitting them to bury their dead bodies. This meeting also makes a fervent appeal to the Srilankan president His Excellency Shri Gotabaya Rajapaksa to use his wisdom and his good offices to revoke the prevailing legal hurdle that denies the Srilankan Muslim Community to practise their natural fundamental religious right so that they may live in peace, harmony and tranquility”, the resolution reads.

 The meeting was attended by top leadership of IUML including Syyid Hyder Ali Sahib, Party President, and Prof.K.M. Mohidden, (ex- MP), National General Secretary and MP P.K.Kunhalkutty and others.


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