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Corona warriors

Two Muslim students donate Rs 60,000 to PM Care Fund for fight against Covid-19

By Abdul Bari Masoud New Delhi: At a time when Islamophobia hit its crescendo in India, two Muslim sibling have set a shining example of...

Salim Kodia : The lockdown Messiah for over 11,000 poor and needy people in Mumbai

By Special Correspondent Mumbai: Real heroes often emerge out at the time of crisis. The 21-day lockdown crisis throws one such hero, Salim Koda, former...

Muslims comprise 20% of the medics who died fighting the coronavirus

By Dr.Abdul Rashid Agwan Whereas Indian Muslims are becoming the target of fake news and fascist media in the midst of pandemic-caused lockdown, their counterparts...

Corona warriors : Mother prepares two times meals for 400 people everyday

By Special Correspondent Deonand (Uttar Pradesh):  A mother in this historic town has been voluntarily preparing two times meals for 400 people every day since...

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