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cow vigilantism

Anti-cow slaughter law is being misused against innocent persons: Allahabad High Court

By Muslim Mirror Staff The Allahabad High Court on Monday raised concern on the misuse of Uttar Pradesh Prevention of Cow Slaughter Act, 1955 against...

“People getting lynched, nobody is bothered”, says SC

New Delhi: The Supreme Court has expressed concern over incidents of mob killings in India triggered by messages spread through social media and said...

Mob lynching: let us act now

By Irfan Engineer, Mob lynching has drastically increased in recent years, particularly since the election of the BJP government. There has been fourfold increase in...

Traders cut beef supply to BJP-ruled Goa over cow vigilantism, chicken and mutton prices witness sudden rise

By Muslim Mirror.com, New Delhi: The prices of mutton and chicken have suddenly begun soaring in Goa after slaughter houses in neighbouring Karnataka cut the...

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