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Syrian fathers keep night watch so children don’t freeze to death

IDLIB, Syria:  Braving harsh winters, Syrian fathers stay awake at night to make sure their children do not to freeze to death in opposition-held...

Refugee camps in Syria’s Idlib mark first iftar & Syrian Town

IDLIB, Syria The first iftar or fast-breaking meal of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan was held in camps in Syria’s northwestern Idlib province where...

Syrian regime continues low-intensity attacks on Idlib

Idlib, Syria: The Assad regime and its allies have continued their low-intensity attacks on Idlib’s de-escalation zone despite a ceasefire agreement, local sources told...

1st evacuation convoy from Quneitra arrives in Idlib

Idlib, Syria: A first convoy of evacuees from Syria’s southwestern Quneitra province arrived in opposition-held Idlib province on Saturday, in line with an agreement...

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