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King Salman

O Arab rulers, your oxygen is soothing but your silence is appalling

By Syed Zubair Ahmad India’s closest allies such as Saudi Arabia and UAE were perhaps the firsts among the few countries who offered to assist...

US urges Saudi Arabia to normalize ties with Israel

Washington also ‘supports a robust program of arm sales to Saudi Arabia,’ Pompeo says Washington hopes that Saudi Arabia will consider normalizing relationships with Israel,...

OIC Makkah Summit : Drumbeat of war in the city of peace

By Syed Zubair Ahmad Mecca is the most sacred city for two billion Muslims in the world. This blessed city is the most beloved land...

Saudi King issues directives to address woes of Indian workers

By Irfan Mohammed, Jeddah, Aug 8 : In a ray of hope for hundreds of distressed Indians and workers of other nationalities rendered jobless, Saudi...

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