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CBSE drops ‘Democracy and diversity’, Mughal courts, poems by Faiz From syllabus

By Muslim Mirror Desk The CBSE has dropped chapters and topics about the Non-Aligned Movement, the Cold War era, the rise of Islamic empires in...

Government gives clarification over alleged exclusion of Urdu from NEP

By Muslim Mirror Staff New Delhi: Scores of prominent organisations and individuals have raised concerns alleging that the Urdu language has been ignored in the...

Let the Dravidian education policy be declared as NEP: DMK ally MH Jawaharullah

By Gowtham K The Central government announced its decision to replace the 34-year-old National Policy on Education, with the New Education Policy 2020. The NEP,...

NEP 2020: Project put forward by RSS

By Gowtham K The renaming of human resource development (HRD) ministry as the ministry of education and the influence on Indian arts, languages, and culture...

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