Taj belongs to India, not religious boards: Mughal descendant

Taj Mahal

By Brij Khandelwal,

Agra : Y.H. Tucy, who claims to be the great grandson of last Mughal Emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar, has said the Sunni Waqf Board has no claim over the Taj Mahal and Ayodhya’s Babri Masjid land.

The Taj Mahal, is the nation’s property and no one can claim any right over it, Tucy told IANS, in an interview. “Remember Emperor Shah Jahan has not written a deed in favour of Waqf,” Tucy said.

“As for construction of the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya, I do not see any reason why the temple should not be built. I will support any move that brings different communities together and bridge the communal divide,” Tucy said.

“The Sunni Waqf is a big land grabber. They do not have even chairs and tables in their offices, how can they manage the Taj?

“They just want media attention and for that create differences among Hindus and Muslims.

“As the direct descendant of Mughals, my case is pending in the Supreme Court for appointment as Mutavvli, I will give these properties to the Indian government.”

He said no one had a right to play politics in the name of Taj Mahal, which is a national treasure. “I invited the Hindu Mahasabha and members of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh activists for the Urs of Shah Jahan.”

The Urs of Shah Jahan that ended on Sunday was attended by over 35,000 people. A 1,111 metre long saptrangi chadar was offered at the end in a ceremonial procession.

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  1. Y C Tucy??…only a fool would accept you as a descendant of Mughal emperors.

    You are a stooge of a hitlerish saffron cult who wish to rename the world wonder Taj Mahal as …Tej Mandir…

    Did you know just 100 feet next to the Taj Mahal is an equally beautiful mosque where Muslims pray regularly on Fridays.

    So it is a religious place.
    Do you know anything about Mumtaz Mahal in whose honour the Taj Mahal was built?

    Let me educate you..

    Mumtaz Mahal died aged 38 years while bearing her 14th child which was a norm in that age.
    She was a loving mother to 14 children and that is why Shah Jahan built this monument in honour of his beloved wife.

    She was not an unmarried young childless Valentine lover as you are assuming.

    So her monument is indeed inspired by divine love as in Sufism and motherhood respected by Islam.
    So it has to be rightfully managed by Indian Waqf board with assistance of Archaeological Society of India ASI to preserve it.


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