Take away voting rights of people with over two kids: Ramdev

Baba Ramdev (Credit: NDTV)


Haridwar, Nov 4 : Yoga guru and retail entrepreneur Baba Ramdev on Sunday said that those who marry and have more than two children should be denied their voting rights.

“In this country, those who, like me, do not marry, should be honoured, and those who marry and have more than two children, their voting rights should be taken away,” he said while addressing a gathering at his Yogpeeth in Haridwar.

He said that though population control was a “political issue”, in “Indian tradition Vedas advocate having even 10 offsprings if the population is less… so those who afford to have as many and have the need for as many, may have them.”

He said that a fully awakened and conscious “soul” was more powerful than millions of people. (IANS)


  1. Sham Baba Ramdevji……We Indians are a “family-oriented” society !
    This is about preserving “Bhartiya Sanskriti “!

    We will never honour ‘self-styled bachelors’ who shy away from responsibility of honouring ladies in marriage as a lawful respected wife and a mother of dignified children.

    Some bachelors go on to have “no strings attached” relationships to satisfy their natural basal human desires and some even sire ‘numerous’ fatherless children all over.

    Some bachelors will deviate to unnatural homosexual love thus destroying the family.
    Some like Director Karan Johar will have surrogate children by paying poor women “hiring” mothers.

    What about “voting rights” of King Dashrath — Shri Ram’s father who had many children, King Pandav who had 5 children-the Pandavas and their cousins–the 1000 Kauravas!

    Islam recommends sanctity of marriage for everyone–male and female ; and does not tolerate bachelor men or single women–unless due to medical problems like intersex conditions, or inability to find spouses due to other reasons…

    Islam encourages immediate re-marriage of widows and divorcees and men widowers and divorcees.

    In Islam, Paradise/swarg lies under the feet of Mothers; and the Father is the main middle door of Paradise!

    Hope we get better learned teachers/religious guides in near future!

    • Kahe bakchodi pel rahe ho ? He is talking about the biggest problem country is facing today .i.e., Population control. Har cheez me islam ghusedna jaroori hai kya ?

    • In India, current TFR is 2.6. Any society having TFR more than 2, increases population. Baba Ramdev is talking about 2 children policy which is correct because it stabilizes the population.
      Regarding Islam, you people believe on ‘Chaar biwi chalis bachhe’ policy & then shout against government for not providing food & water. You must learn to adopt ‘hum do humare do’ policy.

  2. He is a Businessman Baba, Fake Medicines and Fake treatment .He is on Sangh Payroll, to divert main issues , just ask him him why he is afraid to ask his masters about the promises of Black money,subsidised petrol, 2 Cr jobs etc then he will disappear from the scene……….

  3. Just imagine he is faking treatment for Lacs of people but when it comes for himself he zooms to England for his treatment because he cannot digest his manufactured herbs!!!!

    • Exactly, He cannot cure his own facial palsy and eye weakness in India….fooling gullible masses with potions and rss celibacy.

  4. Muslim nuisance.. 30 family members in a family on welfare..ration card.. schools.. when they die get free public land for burials.. pests


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