Take stringent action against st Islamophobes : CPI(M)

Communal hate campaign under the patronage of the ruling party is putting the livelihood of millions of Indian expats in  Middle East at risk.”

By Abdul Bari masoud

New Delhi:   As Islamophobic incidents growing in the country, the Communist Party of India (Marxist) on Wednesday demanded that the government should take stern action those who are targeting Muslims during the current battle against the Covid-19 pandemic.  Attacking the ruling BJP, the CPI(M) warned that communal hate campaign under the patronage of the ruling party at the Centre is putting the livelihood of millions of Indians, working and living abroad, at risk.

While strongly condemning the communal targeting of India’s largest religious minority – the Muslims – that is increasingly taking place during the current battle against the Covid-19 pandemic, CPI (M) said the government should stringently punish perpetrators of communal targeting.

“Nasty abuses, social media postings dutifully relayed by the trolls of the ruling party supporters are simply not acceptable. They violate basic constitutional provisions. Such crimes must be proceeded against and punished in accordance with law.”

Taking the notice of the resentment in the Gulf countries against the Hindutva warriors’ hate-filled and abusive campaign, CPI (M) said it has dangerous consequences on the livelihood of millions of Indian expats working the Middle East Countries.

“This communal hate campaign under the patronage of the ruling party at the Centre is putting the livelihood of millions of Indians, working and living abroad, at risk.”

Last year, 2019 alone, about 3 lakh Indians joined lakhs of others in the Gulf countries and West Asia, from Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Kerala, Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal. Indian-origin persons make up the largest group of migrants in the world today, about 17.5 million.

Now many Arab intellectuals and influential figures in the region have been voicing their strong anguish over the bashing and disparaging of the Indian Muslims and Islam by using social media such as twitter. Sensing the trouble, the government pressed the Minority Affairs Minister into service to “clear misgivings” about Muslims in India who said India is heaven for minorities especially for the Muslim community in the world. However, the Minister has attracted severe criticism over his comment that India was a “heaven” for Muslims and minorities.

Noora AlGhurair, an activist from UAE, said “Taking inspiration from what the Union Minister from India has said, I think we in Middle East should now start treating our “minorities” (Hindus) from India the same way Muslims are being treated in India. We should make it ‘heaven’ for them. Agreed?”

CPI(M), which is the largest constituent of Left bloc,   urged the Modi government  to  immediately invoke the provisions of the Disaster Management Act and take action against people, including political leaders and others holding high offices, who disrupt the united fight of all Indians against the pandemic by spreading venomous communal hatred.

“The BJP-led central government must ensure that the fundamental right to life and liberty of all Indians irrespective of their religion, caste, gender or disability cannot and must not be allowed to be violated.”

The party also took the note of arrest of “falsely implicating innocent student activists” in Delhi riot cases, and booking them under the draconian Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA).

It said instead of acting against such people, the law seems to be “targeting the minorities” and proceeding against them.

“Journalists and activists, speaking against such hatred are being harassed, penalized and punished, while some lapdog media houses continue parroting such hate-filled campaigns. This is unacceptable.”

The party demanded that the law must be invoked to stringently punish such criminals.

Meanwhile, after Jharkhand and Rajasthan, another incident of turning back a Muslim pregnant has come to light.  The incident happened not in any remote and far-flung area but in the very national capital of the country in Delhi.  The pregnant woman identified as Zainab, said she was turned away by the lady doctor at the central government run- Madan Mohan Malviya Hospital situated in Malviya Nagar, South Delhi.  “The doctor told me that Muslims have connection with the Tablighi Jamaat, therefore, we cannot treat you here,” Zainab said who resides in Khanpur locality in South Delhi and used to visit the hospital. The doctor even refused to prescribe the medicine to her and also treated other Muslim women in the same manner.

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  1. It is equivalent to genocide of helpless indian muslims.
    It is Similar to the action of breaking the backbone and not killing the person.
    This was the genocide model planned for indian Muslims.

    • I consider this as genocide of indian Muslims.
      Hope govt and judiciary should also consider this genocide of indian Muslims and take strict action.

  2. Hindu militants are potential threat to arabs.hence they should take actionEvery section of indian Muslims are worst affected.

  3. Action from Arab is to safeguard them bcos Hindu militant is a potential threat to them.
    Now every section of indian Muslims worst affected by this genocide.
    How indian Muslims going to retaliate?

  4. When all the ways are blocked, a community suffering from injustice and violence tends to support terrorism. This situation is not good for human values and the community itself.
    So, what the gulf association is trying to raise the voice agaist bhagva terrorism may stop worst situation.


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