Tallest farmer leader Ghulam Mohammad Jaula dies of heart cardiac arrest

Ghulam Mohammad Jaula

By Muslim Mirror Staff

Ghulam Mohammad Jaula, who played key role right from the formation of the Bhartiya Kisan Union, passed away on Monday morning after a severe cardiac arrest at his house in the Muzaffarnagar district of Uttar Pradesh, informed Dr Mohammad Sharik Khan.


The 85-year-old, one of the tallest figures in the farmers’ politics of the country, had been received by the five Prime Ministers of India and three Chief Ministers of UP to discuss contemporary issues relating to the farmers. He is remembered to preside over the dharna/ assembly of farmers to protest where Mahendra Singh Tikait made his maiden speech and thereafter Bhartiya Kisan Union was formed. Throughout his life, he stood with Tikait as a rock in all the peasant stirs. He had been known as the source to energise the movements in all the respects.
After the death of Late Mahendra Singh Tikait, his two sons Rakesh Tikait and Naresh Tikait did not remain apolitical, particularly after the alleged role of Naresh Tikait in holding a mahapanchyat (large congregation) igniting the infamous Muzaffarnagar riots in 2013 causing loss of properties and lives of Muslims. Jaula had then chose to retreat and lived the life of aloofness. He was, however, persuaded to join the recent famers stir led by Rakesh Tikait. His demise is a severe loss to the peasants across the country, particularly in western UP.


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