Tamil actor Jai also converts to Islam, was seen today at a Chennai mosque praying with musician Yuvan

Tamil actor Jai at Chenni T.Nagar Anjuman masjidh. Photo by S.S.I. Riyas Ahamed

By Muslim Mirror News,

CHENNAI : After  Tamil music director Yuvan Shanker Raja and Tamil actress Monkia its time for Tamil actor Jai  to convert  to Islam .Although there was a news report  published in The Times of India on Apr 19, 2014 about JAI that the actor is following  Islam . The report said “ After composer Yuvan Shankar Raja admitted to embracing Islam on his social networking site, now, actor Jai is said to have been following the religion for quite sometime now. Rumours are rife that the actor has also converted to Islam. But when contacted, the actor denied converting to Islam.


A source close to the actor elaborates, “Jai has been following Islam for the past one year. He had even kept the fast during Ramzan last year, and since then, has been visiting the dargah every Friday without fail. We don’t know the actual reason behind his change of mind. All we know is that he has been following the religion and has not officially converted yet. And also, he has not changed his name.”

unnamed (1)
Actor Jai in white shirt and Yuvan Sankar Raja in black T-Shirt.

Meanwhile, the actor also hinted about his affinity to Islam in his messenger site, where his status read ‘Alhamdhulillah’, which in turn sparked off the conversion rumours. However, when we contacted the actor, he said, “I haven’t converted to Islam.” said the report.

But  Muslim Mirror has got few exclusive photos of  Jai who was spotted with musician  Yuvan Sankar Raja while praying  at Chenni T.Nagar Anjuman masjidh  today.

Jai is one of the most sought after actor in Tamil film industry. Soruces say that Jai who had acted  in the film Thirumanam Ennum Nikkah that highlights the greatness of Hindu as well as Islamic rituals relating to wedding, seems to have inspired by Islamic religion while working on the film.

Now it has been  confirmed that after  Tamil composer   Yuvan Shanker Raja  and  actress Monika, actor  Jai has also converted to Islam.

Music genius and Oscar winner AR Rahman has also converted to Islam.

Ironically while Khans are mocking Islam ,Yuvans are embracing Islam and praising its ideology and principles.


  1. if he is not reverted to islam then he is not allowed to enter in the masjid.But he can ziyarah Dargah.May be picture is taken in Dargah.

    • Muslim or non muslim can enter Masjid. it is permissible if it serves the interests of sharee’ah or meet a valid need, such as a person hearing something that may invite him to enter Islam, or because he needs to drink water in the mosque, or the like. This is because the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) tied up (his prisoner) Thamaamah ibn Athaal al-Hanafi in the mosque before he became Muslim, and the delegations of Thaqeef and the Christians of Najraan stayed in the mosque before they became Muslim. There were many benefits offered by doing this: they could hear the speeches and sermons of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him), see people praying and reciting Qur’aan, and other benefits that are gained by those who visit the mosque.

      As far as Dargah is concerned, you are not supposed to visit it for the sake of Intercession or asking from the graves. Shirk is prohibited in Islam and Islam does not encourages Non Muslims to fall into it as well. You may visit graves of the pious predecessors, if it reminds you of death and makes you more sincere towards deen. However, todays ziyarah includes lots of impersmissible and shirk acts hence it is not allowed to visit dargahs at all.

      • Stop your secterianism claiming one ideology is superior to other…we need to think as muslims…Nothing wrong in visiting grave it is sunnah…But I dont challenge those who oppose we need to have mutual respect rather than infighting….Every scholars had differences it doesnt mean one ideology is superior to other

        • no one is superior than others…all are equal…but know the diffrnce between superior and truth…visiting dargah is an impermissable activity…dargah is a born place of shirk…there is only one Allah and and the only man who is we supposed to follow is his messenger…once prophet muhammad(pbuh) ordered Ali(ra) to destroy all those graves which is built higher than ground level…and also the main thing is how u people decide one as awliah…it is Allah(swt) is the only one who knows it…we are not allowed to choose some one as awliah…then how u make a place called dargah…it has no relationship with islam…if u hav any proof of choosing awliah and building a dargah for him in quran or saheeh hadis..then prove it here..

          • Our beloved Prophet said pbuh, if in disagreement, follow the majority!
            And the majority worldwide are ahli sunnah wal jamaah and scholars of ahli sunnah wal jamaah worldwide allow visiting of saints’ graves including intercessions.

          • As far as visiting ‘Dargahs’ is concerned there is no doubt whatsoever that it is an ‘anti-Islamic’ place.

            Our beloved Prophet has clearly warned Muslims not build structures on graves and graves of even Prophets should not be made places of celebration and worship and warned that curse of Allah would descend on those who do it.

            Dargah or Grave worship is ‘Shirk’ and all graves that are build above the ground are to be flattened.

            Dargah, Sufism, building graves, tombs, shrines etc., are all things initiated by ‘Anti-Islamic Shias’ who wanted to take revenge on Islam and Muslims for destroying Persian Empire lock, stock and barrel.

    • Really, this photo taken in Anjuman Masjidh, T.Nagar, Chennai. But this not Ziyarath at dargah. This picture taken by my friend. If you not believe that i will take same location in anjuman masjidh.

    • If he converted to islam,allah will bless him and forgive his sins.but one thing he have to immediatley leave cinema industry,bcoz allah made cinema haraam for muslims.and he should not go to dargah also.bcoz,that is shirk…a good muslim ask his wishes only to allah,not to any dead person.

  2. Sorry bros if somebody has not disclosed something there might be their own reasons, please leave him peace rather following him or taking snaps of a person in an holy place like masjid and uploading in social network and making it a media attraction this is not deen and this is not what our prophet sallalahu allaihi wasalam has teached us to

  3. alhumdulillah may Allah guide all of us to the path of truth.

    I am concerned

    1. vising dargha on every friday is not Islam, to the best of my knowledge. Rather, offering prayers on friday (and everyday ofcourse) is part of Islam.

    2. Music is forbidden in Islam, except may be light duff or so (consult the scholars please).

  4. The Khans of Hindi Cinema are namesake Muslims who are apologetic of Islamic beliefs and want to present a bollywood version of Islam to appease the Hindu Majority of India . And the mainstream Indian media focuses on these Actors or on some alleged terror acts by Muslims . They seldom mention the problems of Muslim society or Scholars and Daees of Islam .

  5. Only those , who blessed and choosen by the AL Mighty will have the courage to openly revert to Islam and follow it, in the present time, braving all the oppositions of family and the near and dears. It means they will have to face many problems in their carriers, professions also. They will have to lead a disciplined life. But where the test is tough the reward also will be great. May God Al Mighty Allah bless them.

  6. Asalam to all, all my brother and sister i would just like to say i am not sunni,i am not deobandi , i am not ahel hadith but i am a muslim just and just a muslim.i request all of our brother and sister please stop all the talk and conversation that creates discrimination and differences within the islam as it is not just affecting our rituals acts and practices but also it is affecting us socially,economically,politically and more over it is leading to death. we are killed in all oart of the world because we are lacking in unity.Other communal organisation and hatred anti muslim people are creating such division between us.i request all of us please try to be muslim by your practices,acts and day to day lifestyle and create an remarkable image so the peoples of different religion than islam learn what is islam is and what are its preaching. Believe me whether one is sunni,deobandi,ahle hadeeth no one has come assurity that they are right and other are wrong.Allah is the only one to decide who is right and who is wrong and he will judge us by our deeds.if one is visiting dargah it is upto him he has his own belief and if some is not it is his belief. just because to visit or not visit dargahs why we people are creating and expanding differences within islam. there is lot more apart from this in islam.please do try to understand we are socially weakened , we are been killed , we are been harmed in each and every mean in each and every field.we all are leading towards the phase of destruction by our own acts.i request please feel the pain of the riot victims of assam, muzaffarnagar,gujrat,syria,egypt,iraq,philistine,burma,africa. my dear brother and sister please pray for all of us specially for those who are suffering , for those innocent people who have been jailed without any offences thing about there family.no one will ask you before killing you are u sunni,shia,ahle hadith,,deobandi or any other.please practice islam,promote islam to the people of other religion and beliefs.please remember all muslim in our prays.thanks.
    asalamu alaikum

  7. Immidiately some people start commenting in Urdu when they hear islam here,please mind it the reverts don’t know a word of Urdu,it is due to the tolerant dravidian culture highly sucessful individuals like a.r rahman,yuvan,jai,Monica,periyar dasan ,and countless others like whole villages reverts,thanks to rationalism purported by periyar,and anna this cannot even be imagined in any state of india,or pakistan.

    As much as they don’t know Urdu/hindi they love the message of islam,good they didn’t see muslims,rather they saw islam,and simple tamil muslims.

  8. To guard Islam we must fight terrorism together cause they are damaging Islam. Killing, raping, taking slaves, killing the males of the family and raping the females the same day might be the way of life during prophet Muhammad’s time , but we cannot accept that kind of act now. May others attracted to beautiful Islam in right way.

  9. He not supposed to do that (convert),,, any muslims celebrity murtad to other races…….?????

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