Tamilnadu polls : Periyarist groups join hands to defeat BJP in coming assembly polls  


By Gowtham K

In a bid to counter the growing influence of RSS- BJP and  its Hindutva ideology in Tamil Nadu, Dravida Kazhagam along with other Periyarist groups and like-minded organizations have joined together under the banner of the Federation of Social Justice Protection Movement. The Federation announced that it will campaign against BJP in the forthcoming state assembly election which is trying to ride on piggyback of the ruling AIADMK.

The Federation leaders dubbed AIADMK  as a ‘puppet’ playing into the hands of the saffron party and added that the forthcoming election will  not be an electoral fight between the Dravidian parties but  between ideologies – Dradivian and Hindutva.

They questioned BJP’s ‘divisive’ ideology and asking  why does not it talk  development and issues related to people’s daily needs, but rather focus on communal and religious issues. The Federation would launch its campaign on January 30 in Coimbatore, followed by conferences in Trichy and Madurai on February 7 and 20 respectively. The campaigns aim to peel off the BJP’s policies that have an egregious impact on social justice, which are the core idea of Dravidian organizations and the cornerstone of the development of Tamil Nadu on various fronts.

Speaking with Muslim Mirror, Prof Suba Veerapandian, chief coordinator of the Federation said, “We will now focus on the Hindutva forces that are trying to spread their wings in the state.”

The BJP has been trying for piggyback ride at ruling the AIADMK to make an inroad in the Dravidian turf and “sow the seeds of hatred” in the name of religion and bring back the old-class and caste system in TN, he added

Prof Veerapandian said “we will unmask their hidden agenda and educate the people on safeguarding the Dravidian ideology that gave equal opportunities for all sections of the society”.

Another core member of the Federation, Periyarist Ovia, said they would focus on the Centre’s policies that derailed the development of the state, particularly Tamil Nadu.

Moreover this is the first state assembly elections to be held in Tamilnadu after the demise of the two gigantic leaders of Dravidian parties Dr.Kalaignar Karunanidhi and Selvi J Jayalalitha.

So, the ideology based campaign could benefit on either sides. The campaign would also focus on how the ruling AIADMK government has failed to protect the interest of the state on various fronts. Various Muslim leaders would also be participating and talking extensively and touch topics on the socio-economic condition of the BJP-ruled states and how they were thrashing out the working class and poor.

Sensing this, Chief Minister Edappadi K Palaniswami announce that AIADMK would protect the rights of minorities especially Muslims who reside in Tamil land.

So, “When the Centre brought certain laws, Muslims were apprehensive. I am assuring you that people born in Tamil Nadu, have every right to live here. No one can send them away from this soil,” said   EPS, who launched his road show seeking votes.

Speaking at a gathering of Jamaath leaders in Kurichi, the CM said he cannot be bought or enslaved by anyone.

 “The state government always supports the rights of Muslim and minorities. It’s our duty to protect the rights of Hindus, Christians, Muslims and other religions in the state. Muslims need not to worry about anything. We will protect your rights.”

The state government will construct ‘Haj Illam’ in Chennai, the CM said. Followed by it he attacked DMK chief and opposition leader M K Stalin attempted to topple the government but his effort went in vain, EPS said.The repeated power cuts during the DMK regime changed once the AIADMK came to power in 2011 and industries are flourishing, he said. “There were no communal and caste riots in TN during our regime. People of all communities are living in peace.” Speaking at Selvapuram and Kuniyamuthur, EPS said DMK MPs failed to speak for the welfare of Tamil people in Parliament. “They failed to get financial assistance and new industries.”

But it seems that there is no taker for the CM’s assurance as the AIADMK has supported the controversial the citizenship amendment Bill in Parliament while keeping close ties with the BJP.

Ahead of the assembly elections, Muslim organizations including MLA Thamimun Ansari’s Manithaneya Jananayagakatchiare are parting ways with AIADMK.


  1. BJP combined with its parent RSS is cancer to India’s oneness and development. They thrive on hate and this is how they win elections one after the other. They can never win on development issues like rising inflation, joblessness, lack of quality healthcare and schools. The present state of our nation’s economy is a prime example of it.


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