Telangana demands Muslim, ST quota in proposed Bill


Hyderabad : The Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) on Tuesday urged the Centre to amend the proposed Bill to provide 10 per cent reservation for economically backward people in the general category to include Telangana’s demand for quota for backward Muslims and Scheduled Tribes

Telangana Chief Minister and TRS President K. Chandrashekhar Rao directed his party MPs to demand the amendments to the Bill when it is taken up in Parliament.


KCR, as Rao is popularly known, recalled that the Telangana Assembly had passed a resolution for providing 12 per cent reservation for backward Muslims and 10 per cent reservation for STs and had sent the same to the Union Government.

“This resolution should be introduced in Parliament,” said a statement from the Chief Minister’s Office.

As the central government has decided to take up the issue of reservations, KCR asked the MPs to raise the issue of providing reservation to the backward Muslims and STs and demand amendment to the Bill to this effect.

The Telangana Assembly had passed a Bill in 2017 enhancing reservations for backward Muslims and STs in the government jobs and educational institutions.

Currently the reservation for backward Muslims in the State is at 4 per cent and for STs it is at 6 per cent.

As the enhancement of quota will take the overall quantum of reservation in the state to over 50 per cent, KCR urged the Centre to include the State legislation into 9th Schedule of the Constitution as was done in the case of Tamil Nadu.

The Centre has not yet acted on the State’s request.



  1. Why hold Muslims in India? Let them to move their Beloved Pakistan and get 200% reservation.

    No Hindu can occupy any high office in Pakistan…constitutionally forbidden..for being Hindus. Full reservation for Muslims.

    However many Muslims do not want to go Pakistan because bring a Muslim country it bans instant triple talaq.

    The only desire of Telangana Muslims in Hyderabad is to Police be renoved for 15 Minutes, so that Muslims can kill 100 Million Hindus including Army and Police.

    Owaisi brothers publically expressed their desire to KILL 100 MILLION HINDUS and thousands of Muslims in that rally clapped. It is all on YouTube.

    Before reservations, Muslims should ask Indian Parliament to pass a bill first to allow Muslims to Kill Hindus as Kafir Killing is in Quran and Indian constitution gives rights to everyone to practice their religion freely. I think Congress, Yadavs, Mamtas will endorse it for Muslims votes.

    I am flabbergasted that Telangana Muslims whose only desire is to kill Hindus begging same Hindus for reservations. A family of 4 wives, tons of Children..all on ration card, welfare eater on health, school cost and when they die get free expesive Government Land, NOW WANT RESERVATION FOR ALL 25 CHILDREN.


  2. Congratulations respected KCR ji. Constitution needs to be amended to make it Secular in respect of reservations and muslims should also be given reservations. Religion based reservations are outright communalism in a country that boasts of being Secular.


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