The embarrassing truth which you don’t know about the mainstream media


How do you know when you’ve revealed the soft underbelly of your armored enemy? How do you know your getting close to the target, specifically a target that wants to dominate the conversation, control the narrative and push a globalist agenda? They go out of their way to slander you, make up stories about you and twist your words to get rid of you. And then they lie by telling people it’s for your PROTECTION…while they say they’re for FREE speech….they say we want to protect you from hate speech.

They don’t want you to know it, but mainstream media is in panic mode. They are being dominated, I mean almost completely dominated, by competing forces who’ve taken up the mantle of journalism and have run with it on social media as independent, on-the-ground journalists. And, while corporate media news rooms spend a kings ransom on buildings, studios, lighting, audio equipment, sound rooms, editors, producers, publishers and news actors, these independent journalists are getting a LOT of real news out to the public from their kitchen tables, from their cars…some from their garages and even their bedrooms. Funded by shoestring budgets and armed with cell phone cameras and microphones duct taped to wooden spoons, individuals who are sick and tired of mainstream media lying to the people, have decided to take to the streets, find out what the hell is really going on and reporting on it through social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, Instagram and YouTube.


These enterprising people who have a passion for facts and a disdain for fake news and the governmedia propaganda machine, have leveraged the power of the internet…the great equalizer that makes information available to anybody, anywhere and at any time.

Can you picture it…..the skyscraper-sized behemoth called Mainstream or legacy media, which has dominated the airwaves for decades with it’s virtually unlimited revenue stream, government subsidized backing and CIA influence, is being brought to it’s knees by underfunded, individuals with a smart phone, a kitchen table and an internet connection…oh…and coffee….lots of coffee. It must be truly embarrassing and humiliating!

You’ve got people like…

Lauren Southern, Tim Poole, Styxhexxenhammer, Sargon of Akkad, wearechange, computing forever, Black Pidgeon speaks, Roaming Millenial, Steven Crowder, Mark Dice, SGT Report, X22 Report, the Still Report, Truthstreammedia, the corbett report, Pocketsofthefuture, ACallForAnUprising, reallygraceful, SGTreport, aplanetruth, Black Pilled, Blackstone Intelligence, enterthestarsreloaded, Ken O’keefe, Project veritas all fighting to bring truth to light and hold power to account for it’s many transgressions….and of course, the target for the experimental pilot program of unbridled corporate media censorship…… Alex Jones.

The reason they have united and, yes, conspired, against Alex Jones is to scare you into shutting up. The proponents of censorship are too hoodwinked to realize what’s going on. The powers that shouldn’t be in Social and mainstream media are cutting everybody off from their ability to choose what they want to see and listen to. And they are doing it because they are scared, they’re scared of losing market share, they’re scared of losing viewers and most of all, they’re scared of losing advertisers, money and power.

And, it’s against this backdrop of media fear that I wanna take a look at a couple of quick clips. Here’s the first one: (see the video and leave a comment)



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