“The participation of the Muslim youth in UPSC exams is very less”, says topper Qamruddin Khan

By Unsa Khan

Mohammad Qamruddin Khan, who cleared the civil services exams this year, is an alumnus of IIT-Kharagpur.  He secured 511th   rank in the Union Public Service Commission’s list of successful candidates.

Despite being in the pretty well white-collar job, he appeared in the most coveted exams. Khan is now on the top of world.  Talking about his journey to the Civil Services after having graduating   Engineering from IIT-Kharagpur, he told Muslim Mirror that he did not give full time to the study because of his hectic schedule as he is manager in the Indian railways.  .

“I was continuously in job and so, I could never make up a time table out of my hectic schedule. I studied whenever I could. In fact, on some days, I wouldn’t even study”, said Khan on being asked about his study hours.

He has already cleared the Indian Engineering Services in 2014 at a very young age, later got into Railway Services and got posted as  Railway Manager. Khan has always dreamt of serving the nation and so, he took a big decision of switching his stream from Engineering to Civil Services.

Khan takes his inspiration from a childhood memory. He recalls, “Once, a DC (District Collector) was invited as Chief Guest in his school, in Bidar (Karnataka) who had a huge respect in the district for his selfless services, my parents and relatives would ask me to be like him one day”.

On being asked about his support system, Khan told that his family had always been supportive of all his decisions. Khan, who belongs to middle class background, first wanted to get into Railways but he now dreams of becoming an IAS.

Khan becomes an inspiration to the many Muslim youths who aspire to join civil services. He advises to such youths, “In our community, youths do not prepare themselves for the competitive examinations on a large scale which is one of the major reasons behind the community’s marginalisation in every sphere of life.

He further exhorts them that they must stay in the country and excel in every walk of life.

“Instead of going abroad, the youth must stay here and serve the country. The participation of the Muslim youth is very less, so, I suggest them to take the utmost advantage out of this opportunity and consider it a valuable profession too”.

Despite his hectic schedule, Khan also spares some time to give tuitions to kids who need help in maths, physics and chemistry. And even now, he pledges to help all those, who wish to get into civil services.

2 thoughts on ““The participation of the Muslim youth in UPSC exams is very less”, says topper Qamruddin Khan

  1. Low percentage of Muslim in civil services exam is because they are far behind from other communities. Just 13% are educated Muslims in India. Unless the percentage of educated Muslims increases, their participation in every field will be low

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