The proposed marriage of Tina Dabi and Athar: A milestone in Dalit-Muslim unity

Tina Dabi and Athar Aamir-ul-Shafi Khan.

Shahnawaz Ahmad for

Of late Dalit-Muslim unity reached a new high after Dalit youths were beaten brutally by upper caste Hindus in Una (Gujarat) and Muslims came in support of Dalits and participated in Dalit Asmita Yatra en masse.

It was one of the most aspiring  moments of Dalit-Muslim unity when Jignesh Mewani the young fiery leader of Dalit moment declared from the stage of the ‘Una Dalit Atyachar Ladat Samiti’ rally and said   “Agar mere do behne hoti, mein ek Muslim ke ghar aur ek Valmiki ke ghar deta!” (If I had two sisters, I would get one of them married to a Muslim and the other to the house of a Valmiki.)

The news about the proposed marriage of Tina Dabi and Athar Khan- two best brains of the country is another  a milestone in way to Dalit-Muslim .

Tina Dabi,the Dalit girl topped this year Civil Services exam conducted by UPSC and Athar getting the second spot in the same exam.

The two most marginalized community of India –the Dalit and the Muslim  are trying to come close to each other being fully aware that they are being treated as second class citizen in their own country. On economic and social parameters, they find themselves on almost similar scale.

Tina Dabi and Athar Khan’s decision to tie the knot and making it public before their wedding have actually given a signal to the society at large that they are open and their love transcends the caste barrier.

Both the Civil servants must have taken the vital decision of life after thorough understanding of each other as they spent together good number of days during the training to know each other and well. We don’t know how much devout Athar  and Tina are to their respective religion, but thing is clear that both are IAS and we know an IAS is expected to have knowledge of all fields including culture and religion. Before their decision, both must discussed religious aspects among others and casteless Islam must have influenced Tina whose religion strictly advocates and practises caste based society.

In Islam,man and woman is equal in the eyes of the Creator and nobody is high or low on the basis of birth.In Islam,there is no caste as such and being superior or inferior soul depends only on who is more God fearing. While the religion Tina belongs,there is clear cut human segregation on the basis of birth. Brahman is born from the head of Brahma–the creator, the Kshatriya are born from the chest.the Vaishya from the things and Shudra (the Dalits) from the feet, so the lowest amongst them. The segregation of human beings on the basis of birth must have baffled the highly educated person like Tina who have long been subjugated to non human like situation for no fault of hers.

As expected, the decision by Tina was not liked by the enemies of humanity like Hindu Mahasabha as report came in that its chief has strongly opposed to this marriage  written to parents of Tina to take back the decision.The stance taken by the Hindu Mahasabha must have added to the  conviction that these people are real threat to humanity.

Lets hope that Tina and  Athar will work towards unifying the society in their professional life  too in the prevalent hateful environment.


  1. Why they decided to marry ,it is their decision.Simply guessig about them is fruitless.
    It may pure liking to each others..It just happens ,not preplanned .
    Both look good and compatible.
    The boy is handsome too..

  2. In india, muslim are chanting Dalit, Dalit more than Allah. Wah Modi jee. She is going to be his first wife and he can have three more. By the way, he can send her home in one second by using triple talaq but she can’t. Next time we will see her in burqa. I hope her husband foes his muslim duty and beat her as laid down in the peaceful religion.

  3. Unity should be based on values,thoughts, justice,truth,righteousness,morals,ethics,humanity,responsibilities,with self and others etc etec ,and not marraige

  4. what rubbish mindset are you portraying? love is love, not all muslims are saints not all dalits are saint and all hindus are bad. The statement that “meri do behne hoti ek muslim ko deta ek valmiki ko deta”, show typical parochial patriarchal mindset of bigots in india. WHo is he to decide whom his sisters should have married? An Indian women is not a chattel of any male of her family! Now muslim bigots will hail this statement but will they reciprocate such stupid statements? will muslims allow their women to marry non-muslims? the answer is no! be an Indian and a secular one. Do not unnecessarily divide people in the name of religion. Tina-Athar make a good couple, they have every right to get married, dont just try to make it a Muslim-dalit vs anti-hindu story.. shame on the narrative.

  5. i too agree with anubhab not to make this a issue. the couple should not have made their love public at all in the first place.
    i envy the couple for that both are intelligent- civils 1st and second, both are cute and good looking, both same profession.

    now the other side is that, strictly speaking, their marriage is null and void according to islam as believers are not permitted to marry disbelievers. so how come its a good news for muslims.

    so dont make any issues out of it.

  6. All Praises are for the Creator, the one and only God.

    Looks cool. Congratulations for your marriage. The Mahasabha goons are perverts and waste of society who live a Low life, don’t bother.

    Also, remember the fact, Dalits are real friends of Muslims and vice versa.

    • Don’t misunderstand me. I pity the mindset behind the “posts” which are publicly adjudicated in a nation after almost seven decades of independence under the leadership Gandhi, Azad, Patel, Nehru, among many others from the South. Do the posters know the Preamble adopted on January 26, 1950, i.e., exactly 66 years ago, calls the nation the Republic of to be run as secular, as defined in the text, not in the West per se (here, it will mean, in the eyes of justice all religions will be equal; in other words, all Indians are co-equals constitutionally). It is sad that “digital India” has so myopic citizens. Additionally, being led by RSS. May God save India. Google gave me the following:About 378,000 results (0.53 seconds)
      First Search Result:
      Image result for secular definition in Indian constitution
      Secularism in India means equal treatment of all religions by the state. With the 42nd Amendment of the Constitution of India enacted in 1976, the Preamble to the Constitution asserted that India is a secular nation. However, neither India’s constitution nor its laws define the relationship between religion and state.
      Secularism in India – Wikipedia

  7. In Islam,man and woman is equal in the eyes of the Creator and nobody is high or low on the basis of birth.In Islam,there is no caste as such and being superior or inferior soul depends only on who is more God fearing. While the religion Tina belongs,there is clear cut human segregation on the basis of birth.

    Well then why the conversion to islam to marry !! islam says the marriage between man and women is void if either of them is not a muslim, and don’t tell me about the social sects of islam, what about the sunni and shia sectarian tension. pure and stupid brain washing

  8. A brahman is not born from the head of brahman
    A brahman is never born
    Every Human in this earth is brahman
    It is the society which changed the meaning of everything
    I can become a brahman without taking birth from Brahman


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