The withering of Indian Muslims : The remedy thereof


By Arshad Mohsin,

From being the authorities in the magnificent Red Fort of Delhi to becoming BPL ( Below Poverty Line) card holders in the unauthorized ghettos of adjoining Baburpur, the journey of Indian Muslims from riches to rags has been that of ignorance, stubbornness, voluptuousness, greed, intolerance, hypocrisy, leader-less-ness and a total disconnect to Allah the almighty and His book the holy Quran.


The once ruling community has lost it to every adversary weak or strong, big or small. It all began with the internal defeat on personal, moral and spiritual front before they lost it to a handful of British mercenaries, and then to the chatur Baniyas. The ex-rulers (i.e. Muslims) are still in fools’ paradise thinking those who rule them now are their servants, as the de-facto rulers cunningly call themselves public servants (janta ke sevak).Though the foolish masters can’t even enter into their servant’s (public servants’) office without prior permission which may not be granted to them for months or years without any cause or explanation.

After some lost mortal combats with the British intruders and horrific failures with post-independence elected rulers: Indian Muslims, still rotten-hearts, have been indiscreetly sucking up to the money-centric power players of Indian politics. But despite their whole hearted prostrations to their political masters and to their utter dismay they have slipped on to the lowest rung of social and economic ladder as per the Sachar committee report.

In this article I shall argue my case as to why the upliftment of Indian Muslims can’t be centrifugally achieved through political means and how the message and the Messenger can indeed cure the ailing believers and generate the centripetal force required to strengthen the moral fabric and the consequent power to overcome their perennial downfall.

Let the media conflate my educational reform to Islamic extremism, but what you read is who you are comes first in our case. We first need to throw all those subverting, brainwashing, deluding and imposed curriculum textbooks to the Ganges and begin with what Allah asks us to read and understand until the heavenly blessings of our creator comes with our emancipation from the darkness we have for so long been into. The journey begins with imbibing the 6236 verses of the holy Quran and let its every word flow into our veins and consciousness. Let me warn you at the very outset that most of the Masjids and madrasas will not only resist but smear your quest for learning the holy Quran in the true sense of its meaning as most of these masjids and madrasas have been occupied and annexed by various sub-religious outfits who serve their own brand of opium to intoxicate their cadres in the name of mazhab and jamaat. We have to begin our arguments with reference from Quran and end with the same. No one other than the holy prophet has the right to interpret the verses of the holy Quran and remember not to get lost in translations of the holy texts in vernaculars.

Holding fast the rope of Allah that He has stretched out for us (i.e. the holy Quran) will erase our divisions and unite us as faithfuls. It will cleanse us of the vices of sectarianism, caste and class consciousness, regionalism, illiteracy, greed, dishonesty, fear, hatred, inferiority and superiority complexes and bunch us together as ummat-ul-quran led by the priceless virtue and guidance of the holy prophet PBUH like how the first enlightened community of his all victorious companions was formed.

Now after the Indian Muslims have done justice to their souls, comes the turn of bringing justice to the soil of their motherland. With a clear mind and kind heart Muslims will access the material and human resources of India and turn them into gold while recovering the stolen gold of India from the indigenous and foreigner plunderers. One must remember that in the period of Jahangeer India had the highest reserve of Gold and was called “The golden bird” the world over but has since slipped to eleventh position with a gold reserve at only 558 tonnes according to the World Gold Council.

Once the brave Indian Muslims armed with the divine knowledge of the holy Quran and science and technology at their fingertips rise to establish justice on the soil of India, the 125 crore Indians will rally behind them with a single call to duty. Like prophet Ibrahim PBUH first built the Kaaba and then gave Azaan for Hajj and the world rallied on his call.

In order for Indian Muslims to become from helpless to helpful it’s mandatory that they strictly avoid being a tool of propaganda, fake news, mudslinging , history distortion, mental subversion, riba based banking, fraudulent businesses, the precursors to adultery, the precursors to diseases, tyrannical man made laws and part of the formation of political or sub-religious groups.

One must not forget that the path to reuniting with Allah is full of blockades, diversions, distractions, lures and threats to lives and wealth surreptitiously erected by shaitaan and his army of humans and Jinns. Treading this path is as challenging as it was for Bilal Bin Rabah to become Syedna Bilal (Our leader Bilal) when he chose to embark upon his journey to the eternal glory. It’s only the brave hearts with rock solid Imaan who can join me in this journey of ultimate success. Haiya allal Falah , I welcome you all to the path of knowledge, the path of Quran, the path of patriotism, the path of humanity and the path of Deen.


(The author is a  Kuwait based Indian author .He can be reached at Email: The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect Muslim Mirror’s editorial stance.)


  1. Neutral subsidized Islamic schools teaching both Quraan and sciences organised at national level by AIMPLB minus Shiah and probably Barelvi faction is the answer. Every child should get education and boarding if needed. The finance has to come from Waqf and central 50% Zakaat system. Remaining 50% can be for local causes, free dispensaries and job centres. Where there is a will, there is a way! Do we have any sincere visionary leaders/Ulema who can see the clear solution and work for the community like Babasaheb Ambedkar did for his people?

    • I don’t want to question the intent/content of the proposal. Still, I like to know if the author has mastered the language of the Quran, the place from where he is making his living, and able to pontificate something that became troublesome within 30 years of our beloved Prophet’s departure. I am not at all against for making people aware what to do next. And how to do it. I need a game plan or a prototype of his to look at and join.

  2. I count myself among those servants of Allah who has some field experience of joining in such efforts in the western environment as a responsible civil law-abiding co-citizen of the place which I call home and raise my family on similar lines, albeit without rhetoric and unrealistic goals. Let us keep sharing transparently. Period

    • Assalam O Alaikum brother Hassan,
      The way Muslims have been conditioned in both western and eastern Petri dishes, a simple goal of learning and living by Quran seems unrealistic. Everything other than Quran has been made easy to think, understand, digest, practice and benefit from. Muslims have been completely subverted.We need to begin life from the scratch say Laa ,,,, then begin with Allah’s blessed name. It’s a re-birth. Unlearn most of the things before starting a Quranic life. You are welcome…

      • Is you or your father’s Cardiologist trained medicine from only Quran and Kalima Shahada and nothing else?
        Is your laptop and desktop only manufactured only from studying Quran and nothing else?
        Don’t fool already underprivileged Indian Muslims. They need the Quraan for soul and Deen while also learning worldly skills from proper high-quality education in Science, Arts, Commerce, Army, Civil services, etc.

        • Have some dignity, put your name dear. Only shayateen and jinn are anonymous.Now read carefully.
          Bismillah Arrahman Araheem, Iqra bismi rab bikal lazee khalaq; Khalaqal insaana min ‘alaq” : Do you understand this ayah. When Allah says “Alaq” He asks you to study Embryology: Embryology (from Greek ἔμβρυον, embryon, “the unborn, embryo”; and -λογία, -logia) is the branch of biology that studies the prenatal development of gametes (sex cells), fertilization, and development of embryos and fetuses. It’s just that the word “Alaq” is stolen from Quran and translated into Greek by the crusaders that you began to call it high-quality education. So much before you talk of the formation of heart and the birth of cardiology Allah guides you what to study first. Have faith in Quran. it’s the book of knowledge that encompasses all the branches of science arts and commerce.
          Trust your prophet, he only taught Quran and his students brought forth everything of knowledge that you have today.
          Come back to the enlightenment of Quran and you will not repent both in this Duniya and the hereafter.

          • Dear, Your understanding of the Holy Quraan and the last Prophet (may peace be upon him) did not teach you to keep minimum sunnah of Beard… before you advise the whole Ummah, nor desist from self-propaganda by putting your photograph–no other author does!
            Ikhlaas Ahmed is my name, it means being a Slave of Allah, and doing any good deed only for the sake of pleasing Almighty Allah….and is the exact opposite of Riyaakaari or show-off for sake of fame, worldly praise or petty gains!
            O’ OverConfident brother–you are not a Prophet, and I reaffirm my Prophet Mohammed s.a.w.s. told his Companions to study Quran, and also pray 5 times, pay Zakaat, fast in Ramadan, and perform Hajj at earliest when affording; and at same time to also have expertise in any beneficial profession…like labourer, plumber, grocer, laundryman, electrician, engineer, doctor, lawyer, teacher, police official, Army, navy, air force, IAS, good politician, social worker, chartered accountant, businessman, media professional, journalist, etc, etc, etc….. Hope that answers your confusion!
            As humans we all make mistakes, may Allah guide us all towards the golden mean of balanced Islam full of wisdom and take us all under His Rahmah! Aameen. JazakAllahu khairan.

  3. Some editorial tips: text too thick to read, digest. Not much white space available for notes, comments. Providing some headings, subheadings, and bullets/numbers would facilitate reading by oldies like me, 79, with poor vision. Besides these minor issues, like icing on the cake, the post is well done, for which I thank the contributor and congratulate the young handsome author from the bottom of my heart. Congratulations!

  4. Same was the condition of Hindus during the barbaric mughal rule … whom u consider great leaders … bare it now , u asked for it


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