N. C. Asthana, former Director-General of Police in Kerala

They present it when needed: Ex-IPS on UP Police’s ‘Al-Qaeda module’ claim

By Muslim Mirror Staff

New Delhi: N. C. Asthana, former Director-General of Police in Kerala, has taken a jibe at law enforcement agencies in India for allegedly presenting cooked up stories to arrest people on terror-related charges.

”Al-Qaeda, ISIS, PLO, etc. may or may have been eliminated from the world but their modules are always found by our police in this country. They present them when needed. Aren’t these people bored by telling the same clichéd lie? Think something new, tell a new story,” he said in a tweet.

Asthana made the remark days after the Anti-Terrorism Squad in Uttar Pradesh arrested two people alleging their links with al-Qaeda. The police claimed to have recovered explosives from the possession of the accused.

In India, several Muslims are arrested on terror-related charges but most of them are found innocent and are released after spending many years in jail. Thus, the process to get justice becomes a punishment for them.

Recently, over 120 Muslims, who were booked in 2001 and jailed for one year by the Gujarat Police, were discharged by a court as the police failed to substantiate their allegations with proof.

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