Thoothukudi police firing: SDPI demands fresh election for “reestablishing democracy”


By M M News

New Delhi 24 May 2018:Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) while expressing deep anguish over killing of peaceful protestors in Thoothukudi, alleged that the Tami Nadu government is now under remote control of unknown forces and is far away from the interests of Tamil people. SDPI National President A. Sayeed demanded that Palaniswami government shall quit, in wake of the killings of a dozen peaceful protestors in police firing on 22 May in Tuticorin, and go for election. Most of the persons killed in targeted firing including women were peacefully demonstrating against the high handedness of the government in providing undue favors to Sterlite Copper smelter plant of Vedanta Group in Tuticorin in Tamil Nadu, running a core factory producing four tons of pollutant daily, creating all types of environmental problems in the area which caused total scarcity for the drinking water and fresh air for breathing.


Sayeed reiterated that the residents knocked at every door for getting the relief but no heed was given to the grievances. The social activists with local residents in these circumstances were forced to organize peaceful protests but the government dealt with them by opening directly indiscriminate fire killing the protesters. Government intend to spread reign of terror to muzzle the people and their voice.

Governance in Tamilnadu is controlled by forces which do not represent the people of the state. It is essential that the Palaniswami government shall resign and elections be conducted giving way for people’s mandate.


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