Those who want Muslim leadership should go to Pakistan : Abu Asim Azmi


By Muslim Mirror Desk

Senior Samajwadi Party Abu Asim Azmi has stoked a controversy by saying “Those asking for Muslim leadership should go to Pakistan,”
Azmi made these comments while talking to media.

“Muslims who are deviant and say that we want our own leaders should go to Pakistan and make their leadership there,” he said, adding that Hindus always remain leaders in India.

His comments invited a backlash from various netizens.



  1. Why do Muslims Want a Muslim Leader ?If Muslims get justice , not biased and differentiated then they are satisfied and need not a Muslim Leadership..After independence till now it was not the need of this community, The Muslims will nevet desire the Leadership of such Muslim Leader Who delivers such a statement like you. Any Person who justifies among any community wihout thinking caste ,creed and rligion unbiased way may be the leader of any community .

  2. He still remebers what happens when a Muslim became the home mister of India and how his actions left a perennial problem for us in the north.
    The minister was Mufti Mohammad Sayeed and year was 1989.
    Hope India remembers it well.

  3. If we try to understand the meaning behind will be better, in a country where majority of people are from other religion and you want your leader from your religion is not possible.
    better will be leader is from any religion but who don’t hate Muslim & be a good leader and not biased to any specific religion or culture but in fact see all his state people as country citizens.

  4. “Is Muslim leadership against secularism?

    — Shaikh Mohd Asad اسعد (@imAsadShaikh) October 5, 2021”

    Mr. Asad: Please feel free to answer your own question with real life examples from Muslim-led nations of the past and present.

    This could turn out to be very illuminating.


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