Three important steps to improve online classes during pandemic

By Sobiya Inamdar


Online classes have become a new normal during the Covid-19 pandemic. With the launch of this medium of education, fresh challenges have emerged for the teachers to deal with. In view of this, this correspondent spoke to certain teachers and educationalist and discussed ways to improve virtual classes.


Mr Amer Ansari, Urdu teacher at a high school emphasised on three points. First, teachers and parents should ensure that students maintain attendance.


Secondly, time management plays a very important role in this journey. The morning sessions are not regularly attended by the students hence classes can be conducted in the afternoon or evening time to ensure more attendance. Some lectures should be interactive but supervision needs to be fixed by parents.


Lastly, he spoke about the students who aren’t in a condition to get individual smartphones for their lectures. So it’s time for NGOs and all those organisations that collect fund for the well-being of children to provide these kids with necessary gadgets and online resources.


Now the time has come to spare our donation like zakat (compulsory charity) for buying smartphones or tabs for needy students, Ansari added.


Another educationist, Dr Asadullah Khan from Mumbra, Maharashtra, talked about measures being taken by schools in Maharashtra to ensure access to education for every child.


Khan is General Secretary of Dr Asadullah Khan English Medium Schools, Mumbra and Solapur. His schools didn’t allow work from home for teachers as they thought it wasn’t efficient. All the teachers worked at the school premises under the supervision of the headmaster following all the Covid SOPs.


Khan further informed that all headmasters of schools across Mumbra town have come under one umbrella organisation to conduct a survey in every colony in an attempt to know the present conditions of families of the students and get details of their educational status.


In a nutshell, there is a need for teachers to read their students and frame their teaching methods accordingly. Moreover, NGOs and independent organisations should pour effort to provide resources such as smartphones to financially weak students.

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