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Three Muslims lynched on suspicion of cow theft in Tripura

By Muslim Mirror Staff

New Delhi: Zayed Hossain (28),  Bilal Mia (30), and Saiful Islam (18) were lynched to death on suspicion of cow theft by a Hindu mob on Sunday in Khowai distirct of Tripura.

The mob thrashed Hossain and Mia while Islam managed to flee but he also got caught later. They were brutally beaten-up and was taken to local health clinics and later to Govind Ballabh Pant (GBP) Hospital at Agartala.

The police claimed that they were fleeing with five cattle in a vehicle when they were found by the mob.

“The villagers chased them and managed to stop the vehicle near North Maharanipur village. The angry villagers started thrashing and beating them with lethal weapons and lynched two of the suspected cattle lifters at the spot,” Khowai district superintendent of police Kiran Kumar told reporters.

Kumar said that the police have registered a case against unknown persons in Kalyanpur police station and have launched an investigation in this regard.

He also said that two cases were registered in Champahour police station for stealing three cattle heads against the dead victims.

2 thoughts on “Three Muslims lynched on suspicion of cow theft in Tripura

  1. We witness moblynching of persons caught is cattle illegal trafficking every month.Casulty is confirmed with brutal killing of muslim traders involved.They die but their dependents are deprived of minimum needs of daily lives.
    Now all these incidents go viral and even uneducated muslims vies these horrific videos in their smart phones.It is an issue exposed in totality to every Muslim.
    Now the question is why do Muslim repeat such activity where they are caught n killed everytime.
    Why can’t this be stopped. It is high time we all realised this as an issue of importance. Our NGOs need to create alternate job opportunity to those who have been in cattle trade or butchers all these years.
    Our Ulemas and Jamaaths , if free from their internal fightingss must evolve a consensus to ensure that Muslims at large get exposed to such social issues and do not repeat such offences.Instead of sentimental speeches, it is required we adopt to social realities and act responsibly. A joint council of all party Ulema and religious centres, jamaeths and NGOs actively involve itself to check social disparity and help stop illegal trade of cows by Muslims

  2. Don’t communalise it. Thieves and robbers get lynched all the time whether hindu or muslim. It’s a law and order issue not communal

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