Today, in Puducherry, the democracy stands murdered: Gundu Rao

By Abdul Bari Masoud

New Delhi:  Congress on Monday described its fall of government in Puducherry as “murder of democracy and the people of the Union Territory will give befitting reply to the BJP in the coming assembly elections.  Senior congress leader and In- charge of Puducherry congress committee, Dinesh Gundu Rao alleged that the BJP and the Central Government, used  the agencies, threatened, blackmailed and coerced congress MLAs in the UT. He also accused the BJP of using money power to topple Chief Minister V Narayanasamy’s government.

They also used crores and crores of Rupees to indulge in horse trading and to topple our Government, an elected Government, which for the last five years, despite the obstructions, the non-cooperation of the Modi Government and the LG, has worked for the people of Puducherry, Gundu Rao told reporters.

Of the 30 elected MLAs in the assembly, Congress had 15 members and, along with the DMK’s three and one independent member, was just past the majority mark of 16. But six MLAs of the party resigned that forced the CM to tender his resignation.

Today, an elected Government has been destabilised, because of the Mafia Politics of BJP, what they have done in different states in India, what they have done in Maharashtra, what they have done in Karnataka, in Rajasthan, in Madhya Pradesh, in north-eastern states, what they are doing in West Bengal, Gundu  Rao said.

Slamming BJP and its ideology, Congress leaders said it shows that they have no respect for democracy and this will not go down well in Puducherry at all, because the people of Puducherry have got a unique culture, unique language, and this kind of fascist, this kind of politics will not be tolerated by them and they will teach them a befitting lesson.

 The election for the assembly is due in May this year. He said the party is going ahead with the campaign and identifying  the  candidates.

We are very confident, our workers are energised, our party is united and we will take this challenge head on and will expose, what BJP is all about, he added.

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