Tolerant Muslims can be counted on fingers, says Union Minister

by Muslim Mirror Staff

Union Minister Satya Pal Singh Baghel, on May 9, made controversial remarks during an event organized by the RSS’s media wing, where he claimed that “tolerant Muslims can be counted on fingers.”

He further suggested that this tolerance is merely a facade adopted by individuals to attain influential positions such as Vice-President, Governor, or Vice-Chancellor. Baghel accused these individuals, whom he referred to as “so-called intellectuals” from the Muslim community, of revealing their true nature after completing their term in office or retiring.

“Tolerant Muslims can be counted on fingers. I think their number is not even in the thousands. And, that too is a tactic to live in public life wearing the mask as the route leads to the house of vice president, governor or vice chancellor,” Baghel said.

“But when they retire, they give real statements. When they leave the chair, they give a statement which shows their reality,” he said.

The Union Minister of State for Law and Justice commented in response to a speech made by Information Commissioner Uday Mahurkar at an event. Mahurkar had said that India needs to combat Islamic fundamentalism while also including tolerant Muslims. He also spoke about how Mughal Emperor Akbar worked towards Hindu-Muslim unity and how Chhatrapati Shivaji saw him in a positive way. “Akbar tried his best to achieve Hindu-Muslim unity,” Mahurkar said.

Baghel rejected the comments and characterized Akbar’s efforts as mere “strategies.” He further claimed that Akbar’s marriage to Jodha Bai was a part of his “political agenda.”

“It did not come from his heart. Otherwise, the massacre of Chittorgarh would not have happened,” he said, adding “Look at the Mughal period… the deeds of Aurangzeb. Sometimes, I wonder how did we survive.”

According to Baghel, the decline of India began in 1192 AD when Muhammad Ghori defeated the Rajput King Prithviraj Chouhan.

Baghel additionally brought up the topic of religious conversions and claimed that the number of individuals who have converted to another religion through the use of “gande-tabeez” (amulets) is greater in number than those who have converted through force or coercion.

“Be it Khwaja Gareeb Nawaz Saheb, Hazrat Nizamuddin Aulia, or Saleem Chisti… Still today, people from our community go there in large numbers seeking children, jobs, tickets (to contest election), ministerial berth, elevation from a minister of state to a cabinet minister,” he said.

The Minister stated that some members of the minority community hold the belief that, having been the “rulers” for such an extended period, it is difficult for them to accept the status of “subjects.”

“The solution to the problem lies in providing good quality education. It can give some solution to the problem one day.”

“If they study in a madrassa, they will learn Urdu, Arabic and Persian. All literature is good but with such study, they will become Pesh-Imam. And if they study physics and chemistry, they will become Abdul Kalam,” Baghel added.

(with PTI inputs)

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