Traders cut beef supply to BJP-ruled Goa over cow vigilantism, chicken and mutton prices witness sudden rise

A beef shop (AP Photo/File)

By Muslim,

New Delhi: The prices of mutton and chicken have suddenly begun soaring in Goa after slaughter houses in neighbouring Karnataka cut the supply of beef to the BJP-ruled state. The traders have told the government that they will not resume the beef supply till the government takes steps to stop harassment by cow vigilante groups.


All Goa Qureshi Meat Traders Association President Manna Bepari said Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar on Saturday assured them to discuss the issue with the police. However, he said the chief minister is currently out of station and is expected to return only after two days.

“The suppliers from Karnataka have categorically said they will not resume supplies till action is taken against the so-called cow vigilantes,” he said.

Bepari said they can expect some action only after the chief minister returns to the state, “so until then the supplies will not resume”.

He said around 25 tonnes of beef is brought from Belagavi in Karnataka every day.

Cow protection groups, including the Gau Raksha Abhiyaan, have alleged beef in Goa is brought from illegal slaughter houses in Karnataka, a charge denied by Bepari.

He said non-availability of beef has resulted in a rise in the prices of mutton and chicken in the state.

Bepari said traders want immediate intervention by the state government in the matter. Till then, they will not buy beef from the neighbouring state.

Beef sale has been banned in Maharashtra, which also borders Goa.


  1. Out constitution is not fully secular. It bans cow slaughter on religious grounds that hindus get hurt. Muslims are the second majority in India and get hurt due to polythiesm. So why not ban it?
    Our constitution doesn’t not allow reservations of any kind to muslims and Christians. It is allowed to people who are hindus. Why this majoritarinism and communalism in the name of secularism and democracy.?

  2. If cow slaughter ban were for milk then we can have cattle farming which will give ample milk,milk products,beef and huge exports and foreign exchange and boost our economy and provide plenty of jobs and protien to the poor. It is time all unite to change this majoritarinism and communalism


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