Tripura Violence: Silence of non-BJP parties sickening – SDPI

Tripura Violence

By Muslim Mirror Desk

The silence of the non-BJP mainstream parties, who claim to stand for the cause of the backward, downtrodden, marginalised, minority communities; about the right-wing fascist violence against Muslims in Tripura is highly sickening and deplorable, stated MK Faizy, National President of Social Democratic Party of India. It is a shame on these parties to turn a blind eye on the attacks reported to be in retaliation to the violence on the Hindu community in nearby Bangladesh.

It appears that anti-fascism of these parties is confined to the politics of grabbing power, and the hardships inflicted on Muslims, the prime target of the Sanghparivar, by the fascists is of no concern to them. Even in the current horrendous state of the Muslims under the fascist regime, the so-called anti-fascist parties count them just as a vote-bank, and the hyperbolic verbiage they raise for Muslims is mere shenanigan to gather Muslim votes.

The violence initiated by the hardcore Hindutva right wing fascist forces in Tripura following the attacks on the minority Hindu community by Muslim fringe elements in Bangladesh during the Durga Puja festival last week, still continues despite the claim of the police that everything is under control. The perpetrators in Bangladesh were booked and stringent measures were initiated against the culprits. The violence in Bangladesh was reported to be in response to a blasphemous act of putting Holy Quran at the feet of a statue at a Hindu temple. Bangladesh government has been quick to reach out to the Hindu community after the Durga Puja violence — several arrests have been made and ministers have been visiting affected Hindu families. Such outreach can help heal strained relations between communities. There’s a lesson here for leaders in India as well.

It is the duty of the governments to provide security to the minorities in the country irrespective of their religion, caste or creed. While Bangladesh attempts to discharge this duty ensuring security to the minorities, our government is giving protection to the perpetrators and standing with them. Though nothing but support and protection to the Hindutva goons could be expected from the Sanghi government, the non-BJP secular parties should give up their reticence and come forward at least to condemn the violence and force the government to take stringent measures against the troublemakers, urged Faizy.



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