TT bill brought to appease “communal constituency’ of ruling party: Welfare party


By MM Special Correspondent,

New Delhi: Welfare Party of India on Thursday came down heavily on the BJP-led government for passing the controversial Triple Talaq Bill in Lok Sabha and called it an act to appease “communal Majority community’ keeping Parliament elections 2019 in mind.

Criticizing the bill, Party president Dr SQR Ilyas said it is unreasonable. He said this TT Bill makes the divorce null and void but at the same time awards three years punishment to the husband who pronounced Triple Talaq for the crime (divorce) which doesn’t take place.

He condemned the BJP government for mocking the laws and making a civil matter, criminal in nature. He questioned the BJP government’s insensitiveness and impracticality for including the clause in TT Bill of providing maintenance to the wife and children while serving three years sentence in jail for pronouncing triple talaq to his wife.

Dr Ilyas reminded that this bill had no support in the upper house and got passed in the lower house only because it had numbers.

Dr Ilyas said that BJP party is not a benefactor of Muslim woman as it claims, if it was concerned of woman it would have made a law in respect to the woman in other communities whose husbands mercilessly desert them without even divorcing them leaving them in a lurch, he argued.


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