TV news instilling minority complex among majority

TV channel anchors.

By Yasmeen Khan

Television news channels, along with other communication platforms, passionately twisting and tweaking truths to polarise people along religious lines in order to ensure electoral benefit to certain political party. Indeed, the complex truth of fake news and hatred by Indian media has shrunk the news industry to a primary tool of propaganda. Most of the leading news organizations can be seen instilling fear among majority by bringing to forth half-truth to set Hindu-Muslim binary.


Precisely, the dominant sections of the so-called mainstream news media cherry pick events and anecdotes to set the narrative around issues like jihad, population growth, status of non-believers in Islam, meaning of Ummah, Ghazwa-e-Hind etc. It has become new normal. The journalists recklessly, of course wrongfully, refer to Quranic verses to instil hatred among the Hindus in TV debates.

In a recent incident of suppressing Muslim voices, Journalist Mohammad Zubair, the co-founder of fact-checking website Alt News was arrested by Delhi Police stating that he was promoting enmity and hurting religious sentiments of Hindus however on the other side the anchors on national television channel can be seen using provocative and objectionable remarks against Muslims.

The Indian media is seen to be providing a strong platform to those who are openly insulting Islam and hurting the religious sentiments of Muslims on National TV during the Prime-Time debates. Most of the news outlets, mainly electronic media, are unfazed by India’s poor show in development index, inflation, rising unemployment, declining economy etc.

On discussion over geopolitics, defence, finance and security, television media love to invite Muslim panellists to confront non-Muslims ones. It is not coincidence, but a deep but cheap conspiracy. To give platform to non-Muslim voices, the mic audio of Muslim speakers is quite often lowered and at times muted to suppress their views. No religious community has generated so much heat and debates than the Muslims in India.

Hybrid narratives showing Muslims as trouble-makers by Indian Media which is often acting as the moral police and narrative authority has led to the marginalization of Muslim community. Using terms such as “Love Jihad”, “Corona Jihad”, “Zameen Jihad”, “Arthik Jihad” to portray Muslims as extremists has been globally condemned however Indian media in actual terms has started an ugly war against Muslims through their continuous “Media Jihad”. With no hope from the present government on issues such as lynching, molesting, Hijab Politics, Muslims in India continue to live in fear in a secular nation.


  1. Indian media is nothing but a puppet in the hands of the modi and the gang. They use it as marketing tool to twist facts and truth to win elections and they are selling out every public or government organization to private industries.


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