Twitter blocks 250 accounts critical of Modi government


By Muslim Mirror Staff

New Delhi: Twitter has withheld around 250 accounts critical of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party and its Hindutva politics. The microblogging site said that the decision was taken in response to a ”legal demand”.

Tejashwi Yadav, RJD chief and leader of opposition in the Bihar assembly, slammed Twitter for withholding the accounts. ”It is tantamount to colluding with an authoritarian govt to subvert democracy and thwart people’s movement,” a tweet by Yadav said.

The accounts that have been blocked include one belonging to the Caravan magazine – yesterday Delhi Police filed an FIR against its editors, alleging the spreading of false and misleading information about the death of a protester during the Republic Day tractor rally violence in Delhi.

CPM leader Mohammad Salim’s account, and those that appear to belong to the Kisan Ekta Morcha. the Bharatiya Kisan Union’s Ekta Urgahan and AAP MLAs have also been blocked

Muslim activist Aasif Khan’s account on Facebook was also blocked for 24 hours. Khan said that his account was blocked after he posted a video clip, in which some Hindu terrorists were seen using filthy language against Muslims. Facebook believes that posting such videos goes against its community standards.


  1. The Twitter account has been shut down at the behest of the Modi government. So it is clear that the unannounced emergency is going on in the country. Now the government has taken away the freedom of speech of the people. Farmers will not be able to move for their own interests, journalists will not be able to publish truthful news – this unannounced directive is the name of dictatorship. Now people have to think what will they do?


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