Two AMU students arrested by UP Police in connection to anti -CAA-NRC protests

L-R,Farhan Zuberi, and Ravish Ali Khan

By Muslim Mirror

Aligarh, April 28 : Two student of Aligarh Muslim University have been arrested by Uttar Pradesh Police Thursday.

Farhan Zuberi, and Ravish Ali Khan have been arrested in connection to anti CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act ) National Register of Citizen (NRC) protests sources said.   .

They were actively participating in the protests which began in AMU in December 2019 and continued till March 2020.

Both have been arrested on the basis of a charge sheet filed against more than 100 students of the Aligarh Muslim University, under various non-bailable charges.

Farhan is pursuing post-graduation in social work whereas Ravish is an undergraduate student of the same faculty.

“Two student activists from Aligarh Muslim University, Farhan Zuberi Alig  and Ravish Ali Khan have been arrested by SDM and CO of Aligarh Police. Both these gentlemen were active in anti-CAA protests which were clear peaceful and democratic”, said a press statement issued by AMU Coordination Committee.


  1. muslim student spend more time in protests than in stud.y

    all at govt expense.

    lock them and make them pay for studies ,

    • Morality of Islam is the most civilised and advanced in the globe. But unfortunately, many Muslims aren’t aware of it nor do they try to follow it. It can Never be denied , Intellectually, that islam is the Divine Truth, ONLY way to the Almighty. Anyone who is INTELLIGENT and INTELLECTUALLY Hones will definitely come to this conclusion.


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