Two Hindutva extremists arrested for abusing Muslims during Ram Mandir rally


By Muslim Mirror Staff

New Delhi: Two Hindu extremists were arrested on Thursday after they abused Muslims and asked them to go to Pakistan. The duo made ”objectionable’ remarks during a rally taken out in Shikarpur town of Uttar Pradesh’s Bulandshahar district.

They were arrested after a video clip went viral on social media, in which the two men were seen chanting anti-Muslim slogans.

Bulandshahr Police confirmed the arrest. They said that the video clip was recorded and posted on social media by the accused.

The anti-Muslim remarks by the accused drew widespread criticism on social media. Some users also questioned the very purpose of such rallies being taken in the name of fund collection for Ram Mandir.

Several incidents of violence have been witnessed during such rallies taken out in Madhya Pradesh. A saffron flag was planted atop a mosque by participants of a rally in Mandsaur in the states in December 2020.


  1. UP is soon turning out to be a lawless land where riots can happen at the drop of a hat. All the highways and infrastructure development taking place right now are only going to turn into gateways of Hell.

      • So many of your co-religionists would disagree with you you otherwise there woudn’t be so many of you Hindus in the UAE and Saudi. Besides dont you have something better to do like oprressing some dalits instead of making yourself look dumb on a public comment section.


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