Two madrassa students brutally beaten by Hindu mob in Gujarat

Umar and Khazir

By Hasan Akram

Two madrassa students were beaten black and blue by a Hindu mob in Paldi area of Gujarat‘s Ahmedabad district on Sunday night. The victims’ family alleges that they were targeted just for the fact that they were wearing kurta pajama and a skullcap.

Umar, 17 and Khizar, 16 are undergoing treatment at a local hospital as they were severely injured. Umar’s hand was twisted and he was repeatedly attacked on his head and he sustained severe injuries. Khizar has got stitches on both hands.


The duo were returning home on their scooter. On Vishwakunj Char road, a man named Bhavesh, who was on a scooter with his wife and daughter, took a turn without switching on the indicator. Due to this, Umar and Khizar lost their balance and fell, narrated social activist Salim Hafezi.

Instead of realising her husband’s fault, Bhavesh’s wife started beating Umar and Khazir. She created a ruckus, due to which a crowd gathered at the site and seeing their Muslim identity, the mob started beating them mercilessly, Hafezi added.

After someone dialled 100 and informed the police, some officials of the traffic police reached the site and saved Umar and Khazir from the mob. However, they admitted them to a hospital under the category of ”accidentally hurt” and did not prepare punchnama at the moment.

After being pressurised by local activists, the police finally registered an FIR at the Paldi Police Station.

Hafezi stated that none of the two local MLAs [from Congress party], Gyasuddin and Imran Khedawala, extended any help in the case.


  1. Don’t be shy or hesitate to raise the issue of FASCISM.

    SAFFRON TERRORISTS are moving ahead to achieve Targets,

    So don’t ignore it,

    To Save the constitution, it’s necessary to start fight against Fascism.

  2. Dont report as “Hindu mob”, but as “Aryanists”; as the word “Hindu” originated from the Arabic word “Al Hind” which means only India. This identity is being used by the Aryans to impose their religion on the non-Aryan Indians, and pose themselves as majority even though they are minority than Muslims in India. That is the only way forward for the Muslims in India.

  3. Eurasian steppes Manuwadi Aryan Brahmin religion is not indigenous religion or Mulniwasi religion. DNA of converted indigenous Mulniwasi Muslim peoples’ DNA is indigenous as compared to Dwij castes DNA ( source : Genetic studies done by Utah University of The USA 🇺🇸 ).


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