Two Muslim men cremate over 60 Hindu Covid victims in Bhopal

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By Muslim Mirror Staff

New Delhi: Danish Siddiqui and Saddam Qurashi have been performing the last rites of Hindu Covid victims at cremation grounds in Bhopal since the beginning of the second wave of the pandemic.

They have been offering a helping hand while fasting in this holy month of Ramadan. According to an India Times report, they have cremated 60 Covid victims whose families missed the funerals in the fear of getting infected. Some families couldn’t perform the last rites due to rules regarding covid dead bodies and cremation ground.

Despite fasting during the time of Ramadan, both of them regularly visit hospitals and ferry dead bodies to the cremation ground.

This comes after BJP leaders objected to the presence of a Muslim worker at a cremation ground in Vadodara city of Gujarat.


  1. Shame on hypocrites family members of those Hindu families who refused their moral duties of cremationing their own family members ; and thanks to muslim brothers who performed the last rite of cremation of Hindu death bodies on humanitarian grounds .

  2. They are the true warriors,salute to them,it is our nation culture call Ganga,jamuni tahjeeb,but some people playing politics in it.
    Very shame on such people.

  3. Thsee people has showed the world that to do a good service do not need to any religious identity but only need is good heart and realising of other suffering regardless of any identity but only the sense of we are all human beings.

  4. Just disturbed unless I am missing something. Are the pair even supposed to perform this pagan rite in the first place? How come even in a supposedly Muslim magazine, no reader ever pointed out this but hear ululations on this deed?


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