Two Muslim women stabbed by female white racists near Eiffel Tower

French police gather outside a local police station in Paris, France, October 11, 2016, after a Molotov cocktail attack over the weekend near Paris that injured their colleagues. REUTERS/Charles Platiau

By Muslim Mirror Staff

Two Muslim women were called “dirty Arabs” and stabbed by two female racists near Eiffel Tower in Paris on Sunday.

The victims have been identified as French women from an Algerian background named only as Kenza, 49, and Amel, who is a few years younger.

An argument about dogs allegedly descended into violence and racist insults including the words ‘Dirty Arabs’.

‘We had gone out for a walk. At the level of the Eiffel Tower there is a small rather dark park, we took a little tour in it. As we walked, there were two dogs that come towards us,’ Kenza told Liberation, a French-language newspaper.

‘The children got scared. My cousin, who was veiled, asked the two women if it was possible to keep their dogs with them because the children were afraid.’

After they refused, ‘one of the two took out a knife, she slashed me on the skull, on the back on the ribs and there was a third blow on the arm,’ said Kenza. ‘They then attacked my cousin.’  

French police have arrested two female suspects. Those in custody are described as being white women of ‘European appearance’, who now face ‘attempted murder’ charges, said city prosecutors.

It follows rising tensions in France over the beheading of history teacher Samuel Paty in the Paris suburbs last Friday.

Members of the country’s Muslim community have complained of increased Islamophobia caused by a government clampdown on mosques and Muslim organisations.


  1. Are you retarded GD?
    Nowhere in this report or any other report does it say that these two ladies beheaded a teacher.

    It is simpering fools like you that spread hatred and bring voilence to our streets and cities.

  2. these disbelievers play every tactic to traget believers . The history teacher commited blasphemy he is not innocent any 1 who insults prophet sallahhualihiwassalam and doesnt repent or ask frogiveness , the he is punished .


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