Udaipur Killing: Violence never restores respect for any religion

By Aslam Abdullah

The beheading by two Muslims of a Hindu tailor who supported the ruling party’s spokesperson’s insulting comments against Prophet Muhammad was shocking and an act of barbarism that has no place in any society anywhere in the world.

But why only refer to the Rajasthan murder in the last week of June. Intentional homicides are typical in our world. It is the deliberate killing of a person by another person, violating the law. Among factors leading to intentional killing are Poverty, economic inequality, ethnic fractionalization, Religious fanaticism, political rivalries, domestic disputes, caste discrimination, and the availability of guns and drug substances. Globally, 30 deaths per 100,000 occur annually. However, only those deaths make news that serves the political interests of the power elites of a region or a country.

For instance, on the day two Muslims beheaded a Hindu tailor in Rajasthan, an additional 80 murders and 77 rape cases took place in India. Yet, neither the power elites nor media experts and religious leaders referred to them.

Murders have their political value. If they help the power elites achieve their political goals, they become sensational news; otherwise, they remain statistics. Rajasthan killing serves the power elites’ agenda to promote cultural and religious divisions in India to identify Muslims and Islam as enemies of Hindus.

No religion advocates violence against its opponents. God is not the head of a hit mafia, and People misuse their faith and misquote God to fall victims to their baser instincts. Islam considers life a sacred trust and declares taking the life of the other a heinous crime. It promotes the concept of removing hatred with tolerance and violence with non-violence. Nowhere in the divine scripture do Muslims refer to as the Noble Quran pleads for killing those who criticize Islam, make fun of its messengers, and falsify its message. The Quran says: And not equal are the good deed and the bad. Repel [evil] by that [act] which is better, and thereupon the one whom between you and him is enmity [will become] as though he were a devoted friend. (41:34)

Still, Muslims violate the Quran by subduing its message to their anger, hatred, and violent responses. The implicated killers in Rajasthan could not restrain themselves and resort to violence without realizing their act was against the divine mandate and basic norms of decency. They became barbaric. The state must expedite their trial and punish them according to the law.

However, it is wrong to suggest that the two suspects represented Islam and the Muslim community. On the contrary, India’s power elites’ response betrays their ill feelings towards Islam and Muslims. Instead of involving Muslim leaders and institutions in combating violent elements, the power elites immediately started blaming Islam and Muslims as violent. It has severe repercussions for Indian Hindu and Muslim communities. Moreover, the division may further lead to more violence as the rogue elements of both sides would resort to attacks and counterattacks.

The killers used their Muslim credentials to justify their heinous acts. Therefore, community leaders and religious scholars must clarify that Islam does not promote such deeds or ideas.

Let us return to the main issue that led to such an action. A spokesperson of the ruling BJP made certain derogatory remarks against Prophet Muhammad. Of course, she was wrong, and the political elites did not reprimand her enough for her insulting comments. However, the Muslims must realize that her remarks against the Prophet would not diminish his critical role in the community. Condemning such senseless statements is one thing, but seeking revenge or promoting violence is unacceptable morally and theologically.

But do not revile those [beings] whom they invoke instead of God, lest they curse God out of spite, and in ignorance: for, goodly indeed, have We made their doings appear unto every community. In time, [however, ] unto their Sustainer they must return: and then He will make them [truly] understand all that they were doing. (6:107)

The Quran prohibits even verbal rebuke, let alone physical violence. Those among Muslims who see violence as a means to silence criticism are wrong, and Muslims must make it known to those who see their religious label as a license to kill those with whom they disagree.


The author is US based Islamic scholar writer and thinker.

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    • Anonymous Hindu gutter rat,

      Quit lying bhangi boy…you’re referring to Hinduism is full of nonsense, hatred, perversion and terrorism. Proof? Look in Hindu scriptures, and prove me wrong.

    • Which system does not DIFFERENTIATE with so-called DOUBLE STANDARDS?

      Does India treat Muslim citizens of Bangladesh with “double standards” or not?
      The “double standards” jibe against Islam, or other faiths, is empty rhetoric, as they are not based upon immutable paradigms.

  1. “yaa ayuhal insaan Maa garaka bi rabbi Kal Kareem” (o Man what has made you careless about your lord?the most generous) 82:6….the verse itself shows almighty addressing whole mankind and not the believers

  2. Once again, muslims show how bloodthirsty they become over remarks that they consider derogatory. Even though they are taken straight from the Quran. They were not lies so why the outrage. Samuel Paty all over. Why shouldn’t we fear and hate muslims

    • Sima patel aka lying sanghi bhangan,

      Nothing was taken or quoted from the Qur’an, Hindu gutter rat. Look at this filthy hypocrite Hindu street sh1tter calling Muslims blood thirsty. You Hindu extremists and terrorists have been killing Muslims for years thinking you could get away with your crimes, and now that one Hindu dog dies as a result of your genocidal hate mongering, you’re complaining like a a typical hindu b1tch in heat. We haven’t forgotten Pehlu Khan, Tabrez Ansari, Asifa Bano and all the innocent Muslims you Hindu terrorists killed.

      Not only are you hindus evil fascist irredeemable scum, but hopelessly retarded with their 330 million pokemon “gods.” Any one with any intelligence, a human heart and common sense will hate Hindus and their gutter religion.

  3. Violence begets violence. Hindus have openly declared war on Islam and Muslims, ushering in an age of terror upon India’s Muslim minority with mob lynching’s, rape, looting, terrorism and every form of indignity. Their aim is the extermination of India’s Muslims, so no Muslim can be expected to tolerate and show forbearance towards superstitious animal worshipping Hindu extremists and terrorists. Muslims seek peaceful coexistence yet Hindus seek our eradication with their Hitlerian Hindutva pipe dream.

    Hindus have made a serious miscalculation in thinking they can use brute force and terror against India’s Muslims. Muslims made India great, Hindus turned it into a 3rd world fascist sh1thole. Muslim nations have now awakened and will take action by starting with the expulsion of all Hindus, and hopefully the destruction of their temples to send a clear message that haram khor Hindu extremist expatriates have no place in our society, and will be kicked back to their bhangi mata for permanent ghar wapsi. Im not interested in Hindu whining about the killing of some Hindu extremist tailor…you seek violence and terror, and reap the whirlwind. Muslims should do whatever they have to protect themselves from Hindu terrorists.

    India will never progress into a civilized nation as long as Hinduism is the majority religion.

    • Muslim want to co-exist peacefully? In which country Muslims live peacefully? Take example of Myanmar, Chechenya, China, Syria, Iraq etc.. whether muslims are in majority or in minority everywhere they create violence. Backward & medieval mindset people cannot show any progress.
      Hindus had given its own land to form muslim country Pakistan. What muslims did over there? Pakistan is a heart of Islamic terrorism. Pakistan’s Prime Minister beg all over the world for loan. OIC is headed by Saudi Arabia & Trump said that US will take 15 days to collapse Saudi kingdom. This is your credibility.. so don’t talk foolishly.

      • Secular Hindu gutter rat,

        So why are you Hindu shit eaters moving to Muslim countries? Why do you keep posting the same lies over and over again after I’ve corrected you so many times over the years? You can’t respond to my points because I speak the truth and you have nothing to counter that. Desperate Whatsapp bhangi. You’re projecting your backwardness onto Muslims, who ruled over you and civilized you. You didn’t give anyone any land, Hindus cant live in peace with anyone, that’s why partition happened, you didn’t want to share the country with Muslims, wanting a hindu majority state. Go read some history, sadak chap bhangi. You’ve only proven Jinnah right revealing your true nature babbling on about Pakistan while India is a terrorist state with bad relations with all its neighbors. Perhaps it is once again time for India to have a PARTITION, this time NOT along religious but intra Hindu cultural / linguistic lines so that the Monkey and Cow worshipping Hindi speakers can continue to live in their Ramayana fantasyland while the rest of India ( Sikhs, Muslims, Tamils and other So. Indians, the Bengalis, … ) can band together to become leaders in the 21 st century. The vast majority of Muslim nations are stable and prosperous, the countries you named were destabilized by Anglo-American terrorists for the last 25 years. Trump is going to jail soon so I don’t why you monkey worshippers care so much about his stupid opinions…do you know he also called India a sh1t hole country and made fun of Modi’s broken English? Guess he was right there. You Hindus were dying like dogs thanks to Covid and were begging Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia for oxygen. You forgot already? No oil for 3 says and you’re hindutva fascist sh1thole will collapse. Now all Hindu haram khors are bring expelled from the gulf countries for permanant ghar wapsi back to bhangi mata. You look like smelly beggars which explains why so many scams originate from India.

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        In the past you’ve also openly supported terrorism against Muslims on this website, you cow worshipping son of a Hindu b1tch. You have no credibility, troll. India will NEVER progress as long hinduism is the majority religion. We Muslims will continue exposing your evil disgusting anti-human Nazi pagan Hindu death cult, and no amount your lies can change that. Hinduism is a criminal terrorist cancer, and Islam is the chemotherapy.

        Know your place, smelly Hindu street rat….in the gutter.


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