UK based Progressive Muslim Forum (PMF) felicitates Honorable Dr. Frank F Islam in London

rogressive Muslim Forum (PMF).

Imam Haque / MM News

LONDON : An Iftar & Dinner party was organized by Progressive Muslim Forum (PMF) UK, International under the chairmanship of Khurshid Alam on 21st of June 2016 at Berrymede School Main Hall, Osborne Road, Acton, and London, W3 8SJ.

rogressive Muslim Forum (PMF).
On Stage L to R Chief Guest Ho. Dr Frank F Islam , Khurshid Alam Chair of PMF, Guest Mr Amar Sing Rajya Sabha MP, Kristiane Backer TV presenter and Journalist and author of “MTV to Mecca” an Aijaz Ahmed a businessman from London.

This event was a charity event organized to raise funds for vulnerable and poor Muslim communities and to felicitate Honorable Dr. Frank F Islam (a leading Entrepreneur, Businessman and Philanthropist of USA), Honorable Sadiq Khan (Mayor of London), Honorable Lord Adam Patel (Member of the House of Lords) & Honorable Amar Singh (MP, Rajya Sabha, India). There were other dignitaries along with Kristiane Baker, a former MTV host, journalist and the author of the book ‘’MTV to Mecca’’ and Aijaz Ahmed (a leading UK businessman).

There were several speakers and following recital of Quran by Dr Zaidi, the key note speech was delivered by Dr. Frank Islam. He spoke about “The importance of tolerance and diversity adding value to Peace & Economic progress of global Nations.” He condemned the recent attack in Orlando and spoke how Muslim communities have come together to condemned this attack. He emphasized the need of Muslim community to come together and should do everything possible to help eradicate the menace of terrorism, hatefulness, and bigotry. He also mentioned how Donald Trump is building hatred and division among communities. He also paid tribute to Muhammad Ali by mentioning about his greatness and how he fought against apartheid and discrimination. He also emphasized about the greatness of Muhammad Ali as how he successfully tried to build bridges between community and brought community together. He also quoted former President Clinton where Clinton described Ali as “a universal soldier for our common humanity.” Dr. Islam said that like Muhammad Ali, he also has three acts ‘’developing, doing and giving back’’. He concluded by mentioning the importance of sharing and helping others which Islam and Ramadan teaches us.

Dr Frank Islam & Khurshid Alam
Dr Frank Islam & Khurshid Alam

Khurshid Alam, Chair of Progressive Muslim Forum (PMF) paid tribute to Jo Cox and mentioned how he was disturbed on the recent killings and intolerance and how we as a society need to stand united against these kind of horrendous act. He requested everyone to pray for good health of Lord Adam Patel since he could not attend because being in hospital with very poor health. He then talked briefly about the need of charity and why charity is close to his heart. He said charity is not only about giving but caring as well. He wants to make difference in people’s lives through giving and caring by way of charity. He also mentioned that the amount of fundraising and his personal contribution of 1000 pounds will go to the charity in remote areas in India. Mr Aijaz Ahmed also pledged to donate 500 pounds to this noble cause. He also thanked all the members of PMF and the guests on making this event a successful event. Since Mayor of London could not attend because of the call of the duty to debate on Brexit in Wembley arena, Khurshid Alam promised the guests that he will bring Mayor of London in the next PMF event.

Mrs Debbie Islam being honoured by Hana Alam.
Mrs Debbie Islam being honoured by Hana Alam.

Kristiane Baker former MTV host and Ambassador of PMF who converted to Islam mentioned why she has converted to Islam. She also mentioned that how Imran Khan, former captain of Pakistan introduced Islam to her. After reading books and scriptures on Islam and meeting other Muslims she found that the image created by media about Islam is completely different from what the real Islam is about. She also mentioned that when she went to Pakistan she was completely mesmerized by the hospitality and love that was given to her. She also urges the Muslim community (each individual to act as Ambassador of Islam) to change the wrong perception and image of Islam that has been created by the media by meeting people of different faith and passing good message of Islam.

Khusrshid Alam, chair of PMF highlighted the enormous contributions made by Lord Adam Patel of Blackburn and felicitated his achievements in his absence. The event ended with vote of thanks by Mrs Lubna Khan a Vice Chair of PMF, by thanking everyone for making this event successful.


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