Understanding the Conspirators


Dr. Aslam Abdullah,

What was always feared has now been confirmed. The Babari Masjid was not demolished by the fringe of a hateful, fanatic and crazy mob but by a well trained, militant group of terrorists who were coached by none other than former members of Indian army, police and intelligence. The sting operation that revealed this best known secret for over two decades concludes that the culprits behind the destruction were the Rashtriya Swayam Sewak Sangh, Shiva Sena, the BJP, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad and all other constituents of Hindutva in India and USA. It was a plot that was carried out with precision with the knowledge of the chief minister of the state of Uttra Pradesh and the Prime Minister of India. India’s intelligence agencies knew about it, and the military intelligence was aware of it. Yet none could act in defense of India’s constitution that guarantees the protection of places of worship of all faiths.


The story of the demolition of the Babri masjid is the story of a group of terrorists who under the garb of religion, wearing the cloak of Hindu nationalism promotes fascism. It is this group that is now knocking at the gates of India’s parliament and is aspirant to lead the country in the future. Those who plotted or were part of the demolition are among those who are contesting as candidates for India’s highest legislative body under the cloak of secularism and development.

Who knows how many more plots these groups and individuals have been involved in since the independence of India from British Raj? Who knows how far these  outfits have penetrated in India’s political, bureaucratic, educational, financial and technological sectors? Who knows how many intelligence officers and military personnel and political officials owe their loyalty to these groups. The RSS has a network of over 100,000 relief organization and over thousands of militant boot camps and no one knows with precision how many of its members have become part India’s law enforcement agencies.

The sting operation revelation also gives us a sad picture of India’s law enforcement agencies that failed miserably either to investigate the criminals and conspirators or to bring out charges against them. It also speaks volumes of the hateful ideology that RSS has used to poison the minds of its members about Islam, Christianity and other faiths. The RSS is founded on the notion that without subduing Islam and making Muslims and Christians ineffective, Hindu upper castes cannot fulfill their dream to establish a kingdom of gods on earth that would ensure their domination in all aspects of Indian life. Muslims and Christians, in the analysis of RSS, were bad for the Hinduism. They both forced millions of Hindus to convert to their faith, they both were responsible for murder and rape of Hindu men and women. They both engaged in systematic annihilation of Hindu civilization. The Hidutva forces believe that in order to reassert its identity, the Muslims have to be systematically uprooted from places where they have created their own pockets of influence.

In order to gain ascendency in India’s politics, the Hindu nationalist forces are inciting Hindu masses and creating conditions that provoke ordinary members of their community against Muslims and Christians. During the planning for the demolition of the Babri Masjid, the leadership of the Hindutva was unanimous in creating conditions that would inflict pain and death upon Hindus leading to their strong retaliation against Muslims. Who knows if the so called fake encounters the police has plotted were cooked in the BJP and RSS kitchen? Who knows if the so called Indian Mujahideen have the blessings of the RSS or other Hindu groups? Who knows how many more plots are being hatched?

The response of Muslim leadership to this and many similar challenges like these is that of an intellectually challenged person. Unable to identify their objectives and defend their interests, their leadership act in a sectarian, factional and selfish manner ignoring the basic principles of stewardship. Like a rudderless ship they are floating at the mercy of waves without defining their own interests. Their leadership probably think that by raising a few emotional slogans here and there they would be able to overcome the challenges. What they do not realize is that they are confronted with a group that is organized, dynamic and constantly planning for the annihilation of Muslims. So myopic is the Muslim intellectual leadership that many of its stalwarts have already accepted the leadership of the Hindutva forces without looking at the implications of their action for their community and the country.

The response of Muslim intellectuals is even more painful. They argue that the BJP does not offer that big of a danger that people perceive it to offer. These people refuse to learn from history. The BJP is not only a political organization but a political wing of the world’s most organized dangerous ideological group that believes in the racial superiority, religious purity and social ascendency of a group of people bound together with a 5,000 year old history. The demolition of the Babri Masjid and the emerging details of the conspiracy to demolish it proves that once again and offers clear warning to Muslims and India that if not checked and controlled, this group is capable of causing the worst holocaust that humans have yet to witness.


  1. Muslim GET UNITED GET UNITED GET UNITED, don’t sleep, other wise when you will wake up it will be too late, we have to learn from other parts of the world & we have to made OURSELF strong political alliance of any party which could safe guard our interest.

  2. This author is confused and his only aim is to write some think mirch masla type to incite the muslim youth to make him great writter. First so called Babri Masjid was not place of workship for Muslim. It was built after breaking a Ram temple which is holiest place for Hindus which is can not be place of workshop for Muslims as per holy book Quran. Second if RSS/BJP is militant organization why Indian government and international government ban them like they put ban of militant organization like SIMI and Al Queda?. After all Indian government is governed by congress which is said to be anti RSS and state of UP is government is governed by SP and BSP for a long time. I would not like to put work “Islamic terrorism” because it would be insult to one of the great religion if some body use it to along with terrorism. The problem with a section of indian muslim are that they follow more mullahs and Maulivis rather than follow what ever written in holy books.
    And the mullahas along with writes like him want muslim to remain engage in temple- mosque dispute so that they can get a supremacy over uneducated and poor mass. If some community want hostile situation to end then they should emphasis on education get involve in government and politics where they can enforce policies.

    • god forbid, if somebody has killed my grandfather or raped my grandmother, and now i (their grandson) plans to take revenge, how?
      i want to kill that mans grandson and rape granddaughter as revenge, though these people are innocent.
      am i right?
      crime done by somebody else and punishment to some people 2 generations later who are completely innocent.
      is that justified?
      this is what certain organizations are doing. they say our ancestors suffered, therefore lets take revenge now on the present available persons even if they are innocent.
      this is very dangerous brother.
      by no yardstick, one can punish a person for a crime he never committed.
      wake up guys, so much hatred now amongst ourselves will lead to dangerous consequences and is very bad for the development of the country.

  3. the whole things that history witness from Auranjeb to till date is condemnatory but but to much assumption is not acceptable. It can also be assume from this content that who knows you are planning to create another Pakistan, who knows your aim is to create another Al Qida……………………………………….who knows………….


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