UNHCR commends Saudi Arabia for supporting Syrian refugees


UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Refugees camp,Riyadh : The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) commended Saudi Arabia for taking care of and supporting Syrians refugees living in Jordan and Lebanon, Arab News reported Thursday.

Deputy Representative of UNHCR in Jordan Paul Stromberg expressed his sincere gratitude to the Saudi National Campaign (SNC) for Syrian Refugees and appreciated the Kingdom for making comprehensive efforts to provide essentials like food, medicine and winter clothes to them.

“UNHCR appreciates this great help provided by the Saudi campaign through its various programs to improve the living conditions of the refugees”, he stated.

Stromberg made the remark during an interaction with a Saudi media delegation in Amman, an SNC official said.

The senior UN official referred to the Al-Zaatari refugee camp in northern Jordan in particular, for the essential services it is providing to the camp.

Notably, the Kingdom has set up 13 specialized clinics, a psychiatric unit, laboratory, an X-ray department and a pharmacy in Al-Zaatari camp to provide medical assistance.

Besides offering treatment for medical emergencies and communicable and non-communicable diseases at these clinics, doctors have also handled a number of psychiatric patients who were badly affected by the conditions that drove them to become refugees.

Moreover, the SNC also stepped up its support campaign when the cold spell hit the Middle East this winter, and provided warm clothing and heating supplies to offer refugees in these areas much-needed relief.—AG/IINA


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