Unions of Muslim scholars call for Erdoğan’s re-election

by Muslim Mirror Staff

A group of Muslim scholars has urged Turkish citizens who have the right to vote in the upcoming elections to support President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and the Justice and Development Party.

“Muslims with voting rights in these elections should cast their votes in favour of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the Justice and Development Party, and their outstanding reform project,” the scholars said in a statement.

“The Turkish elections hold significant implications for Muslims, both within Turkey and around the world. Thus, it is crucial for knowledgeable individuals to provide guidance on this matter,” they said.

The scholars said that President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s tenure has resulted in significant advantages for Muslims in Turkey. His policies have improved personal freedoms, eliminated hijab limitations, facilitated mosque construction, and encouraged the memorization of the Qurʾān. Furthermore, Turkey has made remarkable strides in political stability, economic development, and global influence. The advancements in military capabilities, healthcare provisions, and infrastructure have had a positive impact on Muslims both domestically and internationally. Turkish citizens can readily observe the notable transformation that has taken place under President Erdoğan’s leadership, particularly in Istanbul’s rise as a highly acclaimed city worldwide.

“Furthermore, Turkey has become a safe haven for Muslims facing injustice and persecution worldwide. Many Muslim scholars, religious figures, and skilled professionals have found security, honour, and justice in Turkey. The country has also intervened in numerous countries to support Muslim communities, such as in Libya, Syria, Qatar, and Azerbaijan,” the said.

They said that Turkey has consistently stood up for the honor of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in the face of Western provocations and it has also taken steps to “restore the Hagia Sophia Grand Mosque to its original designation and has been a vocal supporter of Jerusalem and its ongoing challenges.”

“However, the opposing side in these elections does not conceal its intentions to reverse most or all of these policies. The support that this side receives from Turkey’s adversaries and those against the Islamic world is evident, as demonstrated by Western media outlets,” the scholars said in a statement.

The scholars further recommended that Muslims who lack voting rights in the upcoming elections should show their support for their fellow Muslims in Turkey by contributing financially, using their influence in the media and politics, and employing other available means to assist them. Along with these actions, the scholars advised Muslims to offer prayers to Allah, the Almighty, for the benefit and prosperity of Turkey.

Read the full statement here

Signatories of the statement:

  1. Dr. ‘Alī al-Qaradāghī, Secretary-General of the International Union of Muslim Scholars
  2. Shaykh Sādiq al-Gharyānī, Grand Mufti of Libya
  3. Shaykh ‘Abd al-Majīd al-Zindanī, Founder of Yemen’s al-Imān University
  4. Shaykh ‘Abd al-Wahhāb Akanjī, President of the Association of Muslim Scholars in Turkey
  5. Shaykh Muhammad al-Hassan al-Dedew, President of the Scholars Training Center in Mauritania
  6. Dr. Nawāf al-Tikrūrī, President of the Scholars Association of Palestine
  7. Dr. Muhammad al-Saghīr, President of the Global Authority for Supporting the Prophet of Islam (ﷺ)
  8. Dr. al-Hasan ibn ‘Alī al-Kattanī, President of the Association of Scholars of the Arab Maghreb
  9. Shaykh Sa’īd al-Lāfī, President of the Association of Imams, Preachers, and Advocates of Iraq
  10. Shaykh ‘Abd al-Malik, President of the Union of Scholars in Pakistan
  11. Muhammad al-’Abdah, President of the Association of Muslim Scholars
  12. Dr. ‘Abd al-Hayy Yūsuf, President of the Ansar al-Nabi Academy (ﷺ)
  13. Dr. Jamāl ‘Abd al-Sattār, Secretary-General of the Association of Sunni Scholars
  14. Prof. Dr. Nassīm Yāsīn, President of the Association of Palestinian Scholars
  15. Dr. Sa’īd ibn Nāsir al-Ghamdī, Secretary-General of the Scholars Forum
  16. Dr. ‘Abdullāh al-Sādah, Imam of the Mosque of Imām Muhammad ibn ‘Abd al-Wahhāb, Qatar
  17. Shaykh Wān Subkī Wān Sālih, President of the International Union of Muslim Scholars branch in Malaysia
  18. Dr. Hamd Sayyid al-Bīnjū’īnī, Official of the International Union of Muslim Scholars in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq
  19. Dr. Ja’far al-Talhawī, Member of the Azhar Scholars Front
  20. Shaykh ‘Abdullāh Ahmad Amīn, one of the prominent scholars of Mauritania
  21. Shaykh Ahmad Shaykhna Amat, one of the prominent scholars of Mauritania
  22. Shaykh Muhammad al-Amīn al-Taleb Youssef, one of the prominent scholars of Mauritania
  23. Shaykh Ahmed al-Hasni al-Shanqīti, Deputy Secretary-General of the Association of Moroccan Scholars
  24. Mukhtar ibn al-Arabī Mumin, Board of Trustees of the Global Authority for Supporting the Prophet of Islam (ﷺ), Algeria
  25. Dr. Camelia Helmy Toulon, Chair of the Family Committee at the International Union of Muslim Scholars
  26. Dr. Nazīha Amarig, President of the Civilizational Dialogue and Cognitive Integration Laboratory
  27. Dr. Fatima Azzam, Member of the Board of Trustees of the International Union of Muslim Scholars
  28. Dr. Muhammad Husseyn Sād al-Afghāni, Professor of Sharia Politics, Afghanistan
  29. Prof. Dr. Abdul Fattah al-Awaysi, Founder of the Global Knowledge Project for Jerusalem
  30. Prof. Dr. Hussein Ghazī al-Samarra’ī, Member of the Iraqi Fiqh Assembly
  31. Shaykh Muhammad Harun Khatībī, Member of the Scientific Assembly of Afghan Scholars
  32. Dr. Omar al-Shiblī, Professor of Ḥadīth and Surah at Zaytouna University, Tunisia
  33. Dr. Mohammed Hammam Melhem, Professor of Jurisprudence and its Fundamentals, Sabah al-Din Zaim University
  34. Dr. Kamel Subhi Salah, Professor of Graduate Studies, Jordan
  35. Dr. Khaled Abdulrahman al-Shenou, Professor at the University of Bahrain
  36. Shaykh Ahmed al-Amrī, President of Beit al-Da’wa Waqf (Lebanon)
  37. Dr. Mishary Sād al-Mutrafy, Islamic Researcher and Preacher, Kuwait
  38. Shaykh Hussein ‘Abd al-Aal, General Secretariat of the Authority for Supporting the Prophet of Islam (ﷺ)
  39. Dr. Muhammad ‘Abd al-Hamid al-Shaqaldī, International Union of Muslim Scholars
  40. Dr. Sād al-Dīn Hassanayn, Member of the International Union of Muslim Scholars, America
  41. Dr. Munir Jum’a Ahmad, the World Union of Muslim Scholars
  42. Dr. Anas Ayrouth, College of Sharia and Law, University of Idlib
  43. Dr. Tarek al-Tawarī, Professor of Islamic Sharia, Kuwait University
  44. Dr. Salah al-Muhaynī, Imam and Preacher at the Kuwaiti Ministry of Awqaf
  45. Shaykh ‘Abdullāh ibn Tāhir Ba Omar, Islamic Preacher in the Sultanate of Oman
  46. Dr. ‘Abdullāh al-Zindanī, President of the Yemeni Renaissance Association
  47. Mohammed Elhami, General Secretariat of the Global Authority for Supporting the Prophet of Islam (ﷺ)
  48. Dr. Muhammad al-Mokhtar Muhammad al-Mamī
  49. Dr. Muhammad al-Amīn ibn Mazīd
  50. Shaykh Samī al-Sādī, Secretary of the Research Committee at the Libyan Fatwa House

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