UP CM Yogi directs official to approach testing agency to declare Akanksha as NEET topper along with Soyeb


By Hasan Akram

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister on Wednesday directed the state’s Chief Secretary Rajendra Kumar Tiwari to write a letter to the National Testing Agency (NTA) for placing Akanksha Singh at the first position in all India rank for the NEET examination along with Soyeb Aftab.

Singh and Aftab had scored 720/720 marks in the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) this year but Aftab was declared as the topper on the basis of age under the tie break policy.


Singh belongs to Kushinagar in Uttar Pradesh while Aftab hails from Rourkela in Odisha.

On Wednesday morning, CM Adityanath honoured Singh at his 5 Kalidas Marg residence in Lucknow. His family was also present on this occasion.

He said the Uttar Pradesh government will bear the expenses of Singh’s further studies and hostels. A road in the village will also be named after her.

After honouring the aspiration in Lucknow on Wednesday, CM Yogi Adityanath directed the Chief Secretary of Uttar Pradesh to write a letter to ‘Neet’ about it.

The decision of NTA to declare Aftab as the NEET topper had sparked lots of speculations on social media. Some hate mongers also made objectionable remarks over the same. Someone had created a fake Twitter account of Akanksha and made a controversial tweet. Akanksha’s parents complained to the police about it.

However, it was leant that Aftab was declared as the topper under the tie break policy. The policy contains certain patterns to decide a topper when two examinees secure equal marks. 

According to the policy, when the scores of two test-takers are equal in NEET, the ranking is determined by the chemistry and then the number of biology. But in this also the numbers are the same and if the ranking is not determined, then wrong answers to the questions are seen. Even on this basis, if the ranking is not decided, the ranking is determined on the basis of age. Older students get preference here. The ranking between Shoaib and Akanksha, who got 100 per cent number in NEET-2020 examination, has also been decided on the basis of age.


  1. You are a hate monger
    Aadityanath urged NTA to declare her JOINT TOPPER not the only topper.
    You are publishing whatever comes to ur mind
    When did he say to declare her the topper instead of Soyeb Aftab

      • Definitely not
        The one who has been trying for so many years should be given a upper hand.
        Also, its not that the girl didn’t get the med seat.. both of them got. Both of them toppers.

        • The one who tried for lesser time is the actual winner. He needed many attempts to get this that means the younger one is really more intelligent and deserves to be the topper.

          • जो कम उम्र का होगा ओ ज्यादा intelligent माना जाना चाहिए, neet ही नहीं सभी Exam के लिए यह पैटर्न लागू होना चाहिए.

          • So if one student who doesn’t have proper money and facility for study secure a rank as same as of one younger one. So by your means the younger one will get seat.

            If you are implying this. Then at first close all coaching centers and tell everyone to study on their own.
            Everyone deserves equal rights.

            My friends poor friends have been trying from 2-3 years who don’t have access to good coaching centers. Then they will have to stay at home by your logic. You guys from big cities deserve all not any other person right ?

          • Ya you are right and that’s unjust that girl also came first and you are not giving the same ranking to her

          • Seriously………even when our state created history it is being mocked…….for what was a drawback of our state ……. Why draw in odisha’s weed case in all this neet thing……..

          • Bhyi ab Jo h topper usko rhne do tum sbko Kya hoo ra h khud pdo or khud kro don’t be behave like illiterate person’s ………koi b oo topper they both gonaa in aiims Delhi that’s it …….abi covid be tbhai mchai or tum sbka alg ee chla h…….ek to phle ee test result Ina late or ab nikla to so sb k draame chle

        • Tell me before reading this article did even know who aakanksha singh was? They both scored 100% which is the first time it has happened in the history of meet. They both should be honoured equally and according to ur criteria I think a person getting through in the first attempt should be praised more

          • I think u even need to praise boy scored by not losing his focus though with attempts but that creates ppl who often lose nd think of achieving aftr whatever hppnd to them🙏🏻 …i agree with thz govt for motivating many future medicos…
            **aftr hurdles u can have a bright shine in ur life**

          • Bhyi ab Jo h topper usko rhne do tum sbko Kya hoo ra h khud pdo or khud kro don’t be behave like illiterate person’s ………koi b oo topper they both gonaa in aiims Delhi that’s it …….abi covid be tbhai mchai or tum sbka alg ee chla h…….ek to phle ee test result Ina late or ab nikla to so sb k draame chle you

        • Anyone with less age have same mind as a elder have person with less age should be given priority. Bcz she has done same thing in less age.
          Without wasting more years..

        • Both will get the same college. And everyone knows that both scored the same. I can’t understand why there is so much hatred. I get to see that people even talk about hindu – muslim partiality on this matter. And elder ones are given higher rank just to bridge the age gap among students of the same batch. We should appreciate both Shoaib and Akanksha and respect the administration.

          • Generlly, the agefactor considere for seniority in service of employees who joins on same day n time. If Ms Akanksha also got same marks, if the criteria adopted also proper, so may also graded as Joit Topper..

        • The issue has been raked for all the wrong reasons.
          As far as tussule between first and second rank, it makes no difference as bot will get AIIMS Delhi. The real tussle is among those General category students who scored 705, because one or two will miss AIIMS Delhi eventhough getting same marks, which is really painful. How to break the tie may have different solutions, but such tie could have been avoided in first place. It is not at all a good sign to see 720/720. It indicates that questions of neet 2020 were like as if meaning of cat, dog, bag etc has been asked for a class III student and most of them secured maximum marks and there is no way to judge the difference in merit. For example I wish to know the toppers (top 100 of NEET) merit in NTSE, KVPY, National Olympiads conducted by IAPT. Therefore, in my opinion the first 500 NEET toppers are at par and that there is a lot of error in judging the actual merit from NEET 2020. The questions must be graded (ranging from medium to tough to very tough) in order to judge the actual merit. There should not be any place for easy questions in a highly competitive exam like NEET, JEE, CLAT etc. But, the government of the day has avoided good exams at best by scrapping AIIMS and JIPMER exam and clubbing their selection through NEET. If top 10 of NEET do not figure into top 100 of KVPY, then this NEET exam is farcical at best. If the government really wants to pick good students for AIIMS, JIPMER and other top colleges, then the standard of NEET has to be raised by at least twice, but government wants to club the horse and donkeys on the same platform. This is not good in long run. Like civil service exam, some strict decision has to be taken and number of attempts has to limited to 3 so as to pick the young and energetic and not the exhausted lot. In the era of AIPMT (up to 2015)/NEET (2016-2018) by CBSE, the standard of common medical exam was acceptable to a greater extent if not equal to AIIMS or JIPMER exam. But, unfortunately the government has decided to make it ungraded and nondiscriminatory with respect to differentiating and selecting the best. If the exam continues to degrade, time is not far when for a general category student, with 625 marks it will be difficult to get a government medical seat.

        • What do u mean? He is a repeater for sure but that doesn’t mean the efforts are less! The younger one achieved it much faster than the one who took a year gap! Of course the younger one should be give the preference.

          • He is not repeater
            He is just Month or 2 months elder than Akanksha ,,, he is a regular student..

            Age criteria is not depend on no of time appeared for exam but it’s actual the matter of (date of birth)

        • bro why do you think we want only Akansha to want it, we just want stupid controversy theories to collapse saying that CM did this with the purpose of differtiating among people on the basis of religion. you know students dont even care about this bullshit, we just make the successful people our idols regardless of their relegion, so do their teachers and receuiters.

      • If you change the rule then the person who would have been rejected by age in neet would be selected, the reverse case would take place, non selected would get selection and selected one will be unselected.

      • There is no logic….. everything is followed by Rules and Guidelines provided by NTA…..You should go and check that before talking about logic

      • 13 students scored 710 marks in NEET 2020.
        They got consequeting ranks.
        Support them as well na if you are so knowledgeable about age criteria for NEET ranks.
        Just be jealous of others.

          • But it is competitive exam..both cannot be ranked together..and rank is given according to nta rules..if it is not acceptable to other people then we have more problems than this..like reservation system it is also not fair that rich people are also benefited by it..

        • There may be a nexus between paper seters and coaching institutes. This kind of absurd marks in such a high level competition is not possible. Being a science post graduate and teacher I know one need space of time to think over a question and time is needed to mark the omr sheet and time is needed to calculate. A natural and nirmal intelligent student will require both. Something rotten is happening. Or what can explain thriving thousand crorore rupees coaching business. Govt must step in and investigate.

      • There is no need to put logic.It us ore decided in examination former to maje ranking.But this ranking is needed at cutoff point .You have to take 500 student and you have 2 people at last marks and you will have to take 501 which you can’t,so you have to take 1 only.but at top of table joint toper declaration can be done easily.

    • Its the rule which is made my mci years back this illitrate dog yogi cant come come with a bullshit….phlai pata karo rules phir baat karo

      • You’ve no sense, right!??. He is just trying to correct some wrong doings. If u would ve suffered this then u would have known that how it feels that u got same marks still other person is getting preference due to an illogical ideology that if ur older then u shall get preference

      • Abe, Rules Govt hi banati hai…Agar Ek CM ko lag raha hai ki yeh galat rule hai, jo ki hai bhi toh wo us rule ko change karwayega…Dono ko same number aaye, fir sirf age ke basis pe rank decide karna kaise sahi hai? Aur fir agar age se dekho toh jisne kam umar mein barabri ki zyada tez toh woh hua…

        • rules ye kya sirf logu k lye bsmaty h apna mann chaha to badal dala ,when you cannot follow then what is point of making rules ye apne hisab se bana de ga. kya ,,BTW CM rules ni banata #gobar bakht

        • Bhai Bhai.. ek kaam kro thoda pdh lo .. rules dekh lo or haan knee se ni dimaag se sochna k aisa kyu kiya jaata hai bss negativity felane aa jaate hai log..
          Bhai agr maan le 2 log hai Delhi AIIMS m jaana hai dono ko lekin 100 seat hai Delhi AIIMS m ab same marks aaye 2 k lekin ek ki rank aayi 100 or dusre ki 101 to aisa kyu?..
          Mai btata hu jiski rank 100 aayi wo age m bda hai uska last attempt hai neet ka or jiski rank 101 aayi uska 1st attempt agr last attempt wale ko 101 rank de dete to uski itne saalo ki mehnat bekaar hoti or jisko 101 mili hai abhi uske pass or chance hai k wo le aaye..

          Ab apne upr lekr dekho dono situation glt dono side se lagegi tmhe.. or negativity felane se acha hai smjho baato ko..

        • If you change the rule then the person who would have been rejected by age in neet would be selected, the reverse case would take place, non selected would get selection and selected one will be unselected.

        • Abay ohhh ullu ke patthe yeh rule aaj bana hua nahi hai ,pehle se he chal raha hai,pehle rule change karo phir toppers decide karo,tu to uska chamcha lagra hai.

        • arey bhai, agar iss rules ko government nay banaya hai toh isko hee follow karna padega. Rules banaye jatay hai council of members reh kar. Agar oos waqt wo log ko sahi laga toh kyu change ?. Sudden say aakar change karna hai toh next year say change karwa doh.

      • बिल्क़ुल सही ,,योगी जी आप जैसे लीडर ही ,,,हिंदुस्तान का भला कर सकते है,,,,आकांशा को अंको के आधार पर टापर् होना चाहिए,,,,बाकी बहुत कुत्ते तो भोकेगे,,,,,जोगी,मोदी,,जिंदाबाद

    • tell me why?
      if it was the other way around, I don’t think this would be an issue.
      nothing about love or hate, but its at last about a muslim being a topper and you cannot deny the fact.

      • Yes, absolutely. These(not all but some) people can’t digest Muslims getting in good positions in this world. Every religion must be treated fair and equal.

    • There is no such thing as joint topper in NEET….If older one is selected as topper then he remains as it is……you should go and check NTA Rules and Guidelines before talking nonsense……..there are rules which were followed and it will not be broken for anyone

      • नियम मे सुधार तो हो सकता है, 3500 Law खत्म किए गए जरूरी नहीं कि नियम के नाम पर सदियों नुकसान झेलते रहो अभी महाराष्ट्र ने मेडिकल मे डिस्ट्रिक्ट कोटा खत्म किए.

      • Yes, absolutely. They should have seen NTA rules before taking NEET. Few senseless make these decisions, in order to create propagandas.

    • Actually they haven’t mentioned the term joint topper…. but they said that akanksha should be declared the topper ‘along’ with soyeb

    • This will cause some problems
      Now third rank tell the board to declare him second.
      First or second we know both are first.
      We should not play politics.

    • Both are freshers. Among freshers there can be an age difference by days and months. Had the girl been elder she would have been declared topper as per the rule. You just can’t change the rule after result is declared.

    • Good point, Journalists have the habit of spreading fake news in the headlines to make it suitable to their thought. UP CM Yogi Adityanath told to declare both as joint topper. The NAT rule is faulty. I doubt whether there is any rule to declarec topper. Tie brraker comes to play where there is a tussle for a particular seat. There is no tussle for even 1st 100 students to get any seat, all will definitely get their choices seats. Why then the wuestion of declaring differentvranks for toppers. Equal mark for 1st 20 students should be as per the score. NAT had done a blunder by declaring one as topper when both have same score. There rank should be one next number woukd automaycally no 3. Most of institutions and universities follow the same principle. NATcshould correct ithe same the earliest.

      • nta has nothing to with seats. the tie breaker policy is only to decide rankings which is ntas job.sotie breaker policy was rightly applied to find the topper ie 1st ranker.

    • The younger one should be declared as topper as she took less number of attempts and had least experience. In this case, the other candidate is declared just because he is a Muslim. Just like Kalam saab had extra recognition due to his religion. There are many other better scientists than him, did not get due. Remember, India is a sikular country.

      • talk sense you idiot.what has nta to do with religion.tge tie breaker rules are made long before. you mean that nta knew in advance that some elder shoyeb and younger akansha will secure equal marks and lets make a law that gives prefernce to the elder shoyeb.
        u illiterate rascal linking everything with religion.
        and kalam sahab was the one who made india nuclear power, had he not given india nuclear weapons india would have been decimated long ago.

    • How the NTA will declare both as toppers before talking like cm Yogi you should go through the NTA bulletin. This is not politics whatever you want you can do.

    • Yogi is not like a CM they have a 34 FIR in police station.
      Everday in utter pardesh murder and rape. They not control because he is the support criminal.

    • I think there is a clear cut rule on how a topper is selected. I don’t understand as to why this is a problem now. Is it because the tooper is a Muslim and the other is a Hindu ?

      Because if that’s not the case then I don’t understand the objections.

    • nta has tie breaking policies already, so Yvette is nothing called joint topper. U illiterate, had there been any joint ranking policy why would be there any tie breaking policy.

    • Dear brother!Has ever any one declared co-placed winner in such manner in earlier cases in having the same marks?

  2. You guys are misleading everyone
    UP CM Yogi ji has asked for a shared position of the two toppers while you are suggesting that Yogi ji has asked the NTA to replace Soyeb
    If this is the type of agenda your news agency promotes just to get controversy then I don’t think anyone should read your news
    Why are you guys trying to induce differences between two soon to be classmates
    I pity the condition of the editor

    • If there is a policy for deciding who is the topper and giving correct rank to everyone and till yet this policy is following then why yogi want to go against the policy of NTA.

    • Agar aisa hua to bahut se student khade ho jay ge q k same number milne k baad bhi unki age kum hone ki wajah se unki ranking m farak padta h

    • If your concern is correct it is really pitiful on part of news portal and its editor.We do already have more than enogh hateful,communal bigoted ,fake news,tv channels,news papers and news portals and social media account holders,political leaders.We don’t for God sake need any more such platforms.What we need platforms which can guide us to live peacefully ,unitedly and Prosper ourselves and the country.

      • I am in doubt,what if same situation arises during Any Govt job examination.
        Who will be given the alloted seat???
        Please Any body tell me.

        The geature of CM Aditya nath us great and I really appreciate it.
        But there’s are always some rules to follow everywhere.

        Let’s see if rules are changed or not.

    • Rules are set so that only one student gets one rank.. Admission procedure is based on ranking so tow students can not hold same position..
      Moreover the rules were there since beginning , prior to exams . So it is mandatory to follow rules .

      Yogi ji can honour her and she deserves it too. But rules are above all.

    • Its the rule which is made my mci years back this illitrate dog yogi cant come come with a bullshit….phlai pata karo rules phir baat karo

    • Oh If singh was in first and soyeb was declared 2nd he would not suggest this ,laws cant be bend to individual if it can then this cant be democracy but idiocracy

    • Hello brother. There is no such thing like JOINT topper for NEET. Your Yogi ji should have read the NEET RULES AND GUIDELINES. before making up this request for the girl. Rules are rules, once framed should have to be followed by everyone and cannot be changed in pinnacle of the situations like these. Also these rules are framed by council which keeps all criterion in mind before framing. So, you analyse your comment before making it.

  3. The word “instead” in headline is contradictory of your own statement of the news content (twitter). Twitter content posted along with your news says Yogi approached NEET to declare both jointly. You really need to be careful while reporting. Its the credibility of ummah. You need to demonstrate that you are not the same as them and your better human being because of your Iman and the teaching of Islam.

  4. Vaibhav and Naman are correct !

    This time the devil has made a fair request : he says ”Sanyukt roop se pratham” which does mean ‘to be ‘joint topper” !

    Prophet Mohammed taught us to be fair and just even to our haters and sworn enemies—because truth and justice is paramount in Islam.

    Hasan bhai– theek se tweet aur khabar padh liyaa karo! Sensitive issues me jaldbaazi nahin.

  5. Yogi the dog🐕🐕🦮🦮🦮, u r among the people who are illiterate.it is amazing that an illiterate person is suggesting 🙏🙏this type of idea.it is amazing to see that u have the fear of Muslims like soyeb aftab and i love🤗🤗
    this fear u have. Always fear from kashmir,Muslims,Pakistan,Turkey,etc.

    • Agar tum hi itne samajdar ho to kud us position tak reach karo, for bolna , phele itna kabil hojao ki jo tum kaho vo ho jaye, unhone top mara hai , kya tum la sakte ho 720/720 ,,,,… AREE BHAI phele mehanat karke vaha tak pahunch ke to dekhao

  6. Ye yogi haram khor desh ka sabh se bada atnk wadi hai isko ye bhi gawara nhi k koi muslim bacha topper ho isko to toop se hudana chahiye is harami ne hamesha hamare desh me hindu muslim ekta ko khatm Krne ka kam kiya hai

  7. With respect can I ask to Ms Singh she will serve in govt hospital after completing her mbbs not much longer only 2-3 year ????
    If no then why our money will spend to bear her education and hostel expenses by up govt.

  8. CM Yogi has directed UP officials to take up the issue with NEET to declare Akanksha as joint topper and not as the only topper. This is clear from his Tweet on the subject.
    Muslim Mirror should publish an apology for the distorted reporting by their reporter Hassan Akram

  9. Can’t refrain from correcting that a joint rank has been suggested. I frequently visit thi site for news regarding the marginalised. I wish better standards are maintained in future and this article is withdrawn. It doesn’t reflect good on the part of this website.

  10. Well your reporting of the news is wrong. But The UP CM needs to think that many students who have same marks but have ranks varying by thousands will also file petitions. Why is the CM making it a prestige issue? That girl has our respect and she has made us proud. I am not hating anyone but yes doing this will create further problems. Peace out.

  11. Yogi ji is correct when he says both toppers to be placed jointly on first rank. He is not asking shoeb to be placed at second place. You better read his tweet again. You seem to be a hate monger more than a news publisher. You shameless fellow.

  12. Share the position of two persons, as we have seen many in Class X (BOSEM) results in Manipur even my daughter got 10th position in class X (BOSEM) result of 2016 with 2 others.

  13. Dear readers,
    Thank you for flagging this up. The report has been updated.
    We apologise for misunderstanding and misrepresenting the story.

  14. Simple logic says both should be declared as first. Nothing more should be seen in this issue. The policy decision of the NTA should not be questioned at this point. It is a separate issue.

  15. There is no Wrong in Declaring Both Joint Toppers. Both Are Appreciated Talents. Both Scored Ultimate Marks. Plz Don’t Make Fuss Of The Talents. Let Both Utilise There Talents For Service Of The Nation N The Mankind. God Bless Both In This World And The Here After. I Am Proud Aftab is Odia, I Too Odia. But She Is Also Daughter Of Indian Soil. Proud To Be Indian. Dil Dil Hindustan.

  16. But why, we appreciate her that she scored a perfect 720 ,,, may God bless her, but why break rules of NTA,,,, then it would be done every year,, what’s this fuss about why not follow rules!

  17. Akanksha can’t be declared topper. If that’s so,then every candidate who shares equal marks must be given equal ranks and there can only be 720+180 ranks.

  18. Such misleading headlines. The editor mistakenly used ‘instead’ instead of along in the thumbnail. Do make the required corrections

  19. tell me why?
    if the situation was other way around, i dont think this would be an issue. you have to agree on the fact.
    it’s not about hate or shared position, but at last it’s about a muslim being a topper.
    such sadness that educated people here are supporting this thing instead this shouldn’t be an issue at all.
    rules are rules at last

  20. Inko or kaam yaad nhi rahta……jo karna hai….wo krege nhi…….
    Jisko insists karna chahiye uspe dhayan nhi……..
    Inko na Madaari me hona chahiye….

  21. I do agree with the CM of UP but in lower ranks there will be many candidates of same Mark’s in bio,chem and physics and even wrong answers attempted will be same, if one student among this fails to get a medical seat he will go to court because he also got same rank, so the rules can’t be changed

  22. ढोंगी बर्दाश्त कैसे करेगा कि एक मुसलमान टॉप कर गया । अब तो कानून भी बदला जायेगा और नीति भी । गुंडाराज जो है।

    • Shams please stop hating on him. Discuss on this topic as a student or a friend. Just stop complaining about others. If you think that the CM is right, then say yes or just talk something else. Does Islam teach you this? To complain and talk bad about others? Pathetic! You shouldn’t do this. Please. Thanks

  23. Well you can’t assign the same rank because it’s not just about the first rank but also of other students who scored same marks and given different ranks by applying this tie breaker policy.

    Itni seats laaoge kahan se
    Aqal se kaam karo plz.

  24. YOGI sir decision very good.
    .in Jee Mains also percentile calculation process also not good.
    This year those students who wrote exam on 6th sep got good rank even though their old rexord is not good.
    Due worst percentile calculation process so many merit students suffered .

  25. Tell me before reading this article did even know who aakanksha singh was? They both scored 100% which is the first time it has happened in the history of meet. They both should be honoured equally and according to ur criteria I think a person getting through in the first attempt should be praised more

  26. It’s quite funny to be honest, cause the rank will go to just 1 person only, it’s not the boards that 2 or more people with same marks will get the rank. Like 2 people are sharing the rank, so they will also share their medical seats in college 😂😂😂😂, And as for it , it’s by the rules the age preference, it’s been like that and it’s okay honestly, Yogi needs to chill and he should’ve studied more in his childhood days.

  27. Hello everyone! Hope you are all having a good day. I hope you are all safe and happy. Let’s put all of this religion, race, caste, majority, minority, aside. Let’s talk and decide as students and Indians. This news portal did a mistake and distorted the news. They don’t deserve to be Indians. Indian culture doesn’t teach us to spread lies and hate. The editor must be punished. Remember there will always be people who will try to spread hate. Let’s just fight them as ‘Humans’. I hope you understand bros and sisters. 😊 Thanks. Hope you all have a great day
    And please please stay safe.

  28. कई बार सौ बच्चो के समान अंक आते है पर सभी को समान रैंक दिया जाना संभव नहीं है क्यूकि उनके लिए एक टॉप सीट होती है जो एन टी ए के नियमो के अनुसार प्रदान की जाती है साथ ही कई इसे राजनीति का एक अकल्पनीय नाटक बनाने की कोशिश कर रहे है अगर टॉपर एक विशिष्ट समुदाय का होता तो शायद ऐसा नहीं होता ।

  29. The.rules.were predefined so it is wrong to change it after results are declared. I wish CM would have also intervened with his strong action to stop crimes against women which are increasing these days.

    • Completely agree with you buddy. I think rather than fighting for this he should take care of the crimes against women lol. It’s so shameful that these things are happening in such a beautiful and great country like India. Can’t believe this. It now makes me feel scared about my sisters. I hope God makes everything better

  30. Those people who are saying that it was Shoeb’s second attempt are mere speculators cuz it’s true that his elder to Akansha but it was also his first attempt. And it’s true both worked hard and should be equally awarded for the same.

  31. The students are happy with their marks and they don’t have any problem then why people are simply spreading hate speech 🤷🏽‍♂️.

  32. The policy for a tie was in place before it happened this year. It was not a new set of policy created for this time.

    So why didn’t you all talk about it then?

    Logic has gone to dogs.

  33. The policy for tie breaker was created much before the tie happened this year. It was not created just for this instance.
    So why didn’t you all talk about it then?

    Logic has gone to dogs.

  34. If CM inviting both the student & appreciate for their hard work, set an example for the nation rather than spreading….
    #येथे #कर #आमुचे #जुळती

    जेव्हा डॉक्टर अब्दुल कलाम साहेब राष्ट्रपती होते तेव्हा त्यांनी कुन्नूरला भेट दिली होती. तेथे पोचल्यानंतर त्यांना माहिती मिळाली की, फिल्ड मार्शल सॅम मानेकक्षा हे येथील मिलिटरी हॉस्पिटल मध्ये आहेत. राष्ट्रपतींच्या त्यादिवशीच्या शासकीय अधिकृत दिनचरयेमध्ये सामाविष्ट नसतानाही डॉक्टर अब्दुल कलाम साहेबांनी सॅम यांची भेट घेण्याचे ठरवले. तशी ताबडतोब व्यवस्थाही करण्यात आली.
    सॅम यांच्या रुग्णालयातील बेड शेजारी कलामांनी पंधरा मिनिट बसून सॅम यांच्या प्रकृतीची विचारपूस केली.

    निघताना कलामांनी त्यांना विचारले की, आपण व्यवस्थित आहात का? आपणास कशाची आवश्यकता आहे का? आपली काही तक्रार आहे का? मी आपणास काही मदत करू शकतो का?
    यावर सॅम म्हणाले, ‘हो महामहिम, माझी एक तक्रार आहे’. कलाम साहेबाला हे ऐकून धक्का बसला आणि त्यांनी तात्काळ विचारले, कोणती तक्रार आहे?
    सॅम म्हणाले, ‘साहेब मी उठून उभा राहू शकत नाही आणि माझ्या प्राणप्रिय देशाच्या आदरणीय राष्ट्रपतींना मी सॅल्युट करू शकत नाही हीच माझी एकमेव तक्रार आहे.’ कलामांनी भावनावेगाने त्यांचे दोन्ही तळवे हातात घेतले आणि दोघांच्याही डोळ्यात अश्रू तरळून गेले.
    या भेटीच्या दरम्यान कलामांना माहिती मिळाली की सॅम यांना फिल्डमार्शल या या पदाची गेल्या वीस वर्षापासून पेन्शन मिळालेली नाही.
    कलामांनी दिल्लीला पोचल्याबरोबर एका आठवड्यात त्यांची सर्व थकबाकी सह पेन्शन मंजूर केली आणि 1.25 कोटीचा चेक त्यांनी संरक्षण खात्याच्या सचिवांमार्फत विशेष विमानाने वेलिंग्टन,ऊटी येथे पाठवला. त्यावेळेस तेथे सॅम उपचार घेत होते.

    हे कलामांचं मोठेपण होतं. पण नंतर सॅम यांनी त्या चेक ची रक्कम आर्मी रिलीफ फंडामध्ये दान केली.
    आपण सलाम कोणाला करायचा?” येथे कर आमुचे जुळती “.
    पण अशा व्यक्तिमत्त्वांना आपण मुकलो आहोत हे आपलं दुर्दैव आहे.
    (एका इंग्रजी पोस्ट वरून मराठीत सादर.)

  35. They will go to AIIMS…AND don’t give a damn about this topper thing……we here wasting our energy and time when we have nothing to so with it………..soojaavooo sab….jis ko banna tha ,vo ban gaya………khud pay dihaan do….salay nallayyyy…free ka time hai…na kuch kaam na kuch future,bas ladtay rahooo………

  36. You should not mention them with their surname instead you should use their first name i.e Akansha and Shoyab.
    What this shows is you are more concerned about the religion rather than the children itself.

  37. This rule to prefer seniors has been there for a while and for good reasons. Anyway won’t discuss why this rule is there. If the top ranker was a hindu, would the CM office still write to NEET? Isn’t this just a way to partion people and keep them polarized? And there are people who like this and who will elect such folks back in power.

    Don’t complain that UP is not developed. Yatha praja tatha raja.. that is democracy. UP’s state is not a mirror to its Govt, but to its people.

  38. Why not to check their Twitter and FB comments? This Shoeb is of Jihadi mentality and deservers no social standings. Instead of IIT he should be in Mental hospital

  39. Cm yogi ji is right… If they both get same umber then have to be on same rank!!… Btt in my opinion who take less time should be jn 1st rank..


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