UP polls 2022 : Its not Modi but Yogi is in danger

Yogi Adityanath

By Haider Abbas

The election dates have been announced in UP and polls are slated to take place in seven-rounds, starting from February 10 to March 7, and there is a sense of déjà vu in the opposite BJP camp, which is Samajwadi Party, with an ever growing delusion and desperation inside the ruling party BJP-the so called double engine government run by BJP CM Ajay Singh Bisht and BJP PM Narendra Modi. SP, led by its President Akhilesh Yadav, is the most pivotal force against BJP and no wonder every survey, despite BJP entire machinery put into force to thwart it, has shown a massive tilt in favour of SP. The latest survey to have hit, ironically done by AAJTak, has reiterated the same trend.


The survey, undertaken by AAJTak, which has been one of the forefront news channel, to have eulogized BJP and its leaders, to the hilt, has come within hours of the announcement of poll-dates, and therefore, AAJTak too had to stomach the reality, that BJP is now into for its ‘exit’ from UP. AAJTak channel UP Tak had conducted the survey. The first most obvious question was which party is to form the government? BJP. SP, BSP or Congress? And, the first most obvious choice, from all corners of UP, is a call for SP.

It has come to light that a staggering 61% have a liking for SP with BJP lagging on 22%. BSP is on 9% and Congress on 8%. This gives a very piquant position for BJP as even if BJP, BSP and Congress are put together yet they would not be able to qualify the magic figure of 202/403 seats in UP. Going by the simple estimate it is clear that SP is much ahead with a clear majority mandate as it is the lonely force which has the ideological fiber of socialism and secularism to counter the blatant onslaught of communalism and anti-people/anti-farmers corporate policies of BJP in State as well as at the national level.

The Opinion-Poll of AAJTak is all set to send shock waves to BJP, whereas, those in the political circles had already had much of its idea, that BJP is on its lowest-ebb and is to be drubbed by the March 10, when results are to be announced. BJP is therefore all set to not to qualify the triple figures, and it won’t be at all a surprise, that it may even gets squeezed to a figure even below 50 seats! Remember in 2002, it had won 48 seats and later had to stitch a BSP-BJP alliance! But, owing to the massive anti-incumbency against BJP, the SP is all set to make it to the ultimate call for forming the government. It is also here to point out that AAJtak has always been the flag bearer of BJP propaganda, ever since its inception, and also has been the standard benchmark for any proponents of RSS-the ideological father of BJP.

As if AAJtak was not enough that News24 has also come up with its Opinion-Poll, and which is also a devastating news to BJP prospects. It tries to give an edge to BJP over BSP and Congress but SP remains the all favourite with 62%. The Opinion-Poll has been sought from 5,56,000 people across UP, a huge figure by any estimate. The echo from it is unanimous and synonymous: SP under Akhilesh Yadav is coming. What is however now to be tested is the ridiculous claim of Union Home Minister Amit Shah that BJP will come up with a mark of 350 seats in UP!

Moments after dates were announced, with restrictions on rallies etc, so as to evade Corona-Virus, parties took to twitter and other social media outlets, as soon Akhilesh Yadav tweeted that falsehood (of BJP) would be exposed /change is coming and bicycle will come in 22, showing a poster of AS Bisht being brought-down.

Here BJP has not named itself but has referred to the saffron colour which is primarily the colour of Hindus, when inside the battleground, thus, leaving no doubt, that BJP will resort, as it has always done in its last 38 years, to communal and anti-Muslim card, to anyhow polorise the elections on religious grounds. BJP Hindus are an absolute different to Hindus with secular and socialist leanings. Why is BJP desisting to name AS Bisht alias Yogi Adityanath as its CM? This shows the squabbling inside BJP circles, as there are clear signals, from inside BJP, that Yogi is not slated for the coveted post. There is now an open-war between Yogi and AK Sharma-the next proposed BJP CM and Keshav Prasad Maurya-the BJP Deputy CM.

SP however, has also spelt -out its agenda which is all inclusive towards the development of farmers, youth, women, backwards, dalits, minorities, businessmen etc . Is there any such agenda from BJP? Does BJP has an answer to the sky-rocket price hike of vegetables, pulses, edible oil, petrol/diesel, automobiles/ construction material/ transport/ iron etc and to the rising tide of a whole generation of unemployed youths in UP. BJP just wants to subsume these issues under the saffron carpet brooding to even calling ( through its various sections) for an open genocide against Muslims, as what the latest Dharam Sansads have preached. But, people in UP has had enough and want a way of life based on socialism, equality and rule-of-law.

By now it is clear that BJP has totally lost the plot and is therefore now stooping to its all time low again yet again, to anyhow emotionalize the ‘security-lapse’ of Modi in Punjab, that Modi is in danger, now a full-blown controversy projected by BJP centric and affiliated mainstream media, with one or two exception, whereas the fact is that Indian Rupeess 1 Crores and 62 lakhs are spent per day on Modi’s security, which makes for around 591 Crores per year and which had also been increased by 10% in 2020.

BJP has nothing to deliver and just wants to canvass about that Modi in danger, whereas ion reality BJP is in danger, by every call, owing to its policies on all fronts, particularly over its trepid and timid response to the ever growing belligerence of China, all set to groom Pakistan and thrust a war on India. How will India situate to this lurking-war is for the time to see, but in 2022 UP is into for a change, which is to directly reflect on 2024, as road to Delhi goes through Lucknow.


The writer is a former UP State Information Commissioner and a political analyst.




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