US Muslim woman fired from work for wearing hijab


Muslim woman, burqa, niqab, hijabWashington, Aug 8 : A muslim woman in the US was fired from her new job at a dental clinic for wearing a hijab to work.

Najaf Khan was hired as a dental assistant at Fair Oaks Dental Care in Fairfax County last week. She did not wear the hijab at her interview or on the first two days of employment.

“I was really upset. The day that it happened, I was devastated,” NBC Washington quoted Khan as saying.

On her third day, she chose to wear the hijab as she felt that she would stay at the job and wearing it was part of her spiritual journey.

According to NBC Washington, Khan said that Dr. Chuck Joo, the owner of Fair Oaks Dental Care, told her to take off the hijab and gave her an ultimatum: she could continue wearing the scarf and be fired or work without it.

“When I said that I would not compromise my religion for that, he held the door open for me and I walked out,” Khan added.

Joo told the media that pen displays of religion were not allowed at his business because he wants to keep it “neutral”. If his employees want to wear a hat, it must be a surgical hat for sanitary reasons, Joo added.

The Council on American Islamic Relations responded to Khan’s termination and said, “No employee should face termination because of his or her faith or religious practices. We call on Fair Oaks Dental Care to reinstate the Muslim employee and to offer her reasonable religious accommodation as mandated by law.”

Khan said she would likely refuse an offer to return to the dental office as she would not want to work with someone “so close-minded”.—IANS


  1. USA has grown bcos of their liberal attitude.Firing an employee for wearing hizab shows USA is slowly coming out from liberal attitude.It means their innovating skills(output of citizens) are going to reduce or reach its end.

  2. why she didnt wore her hizab during interview, she would have got clear instruction. But you guys try to decieve and when someone react yuoo cry discrimination.

    Try to be honest first.

    • Charity begins at home.
      Before delivering your sermon i.e “Try to be honest first”, to us, rectify yourself first. You Brahmins (so called upper cast) discriminating Dalits and Muslims e.g. –
      (1) present agitation by Dalit brothers in Gujarat against self-styled Goa Rakshak goons,
      (2) Dadri Lynching
      (3) Ramjade vs Haramjade, remarked by Union minister Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti
      (4) those who are opposing Modi should go to Pakistan,
      (5) those who want to eat beef should go to Pakistan’

      Same discrimination persists in USA. Black Americans (irrespective of ‘Faith’) and Muslim Americans are facing violent discrimination by ‘Whites’

      In this case, by wearing Hijab (the headscarf worn by Muslim women) Najaf Khan didn’t violet rules and regulations. she was fired due to anti-Muslim prejudice in the USA.
      Such cases of prejudice are handled by, The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR)
      In 1995, CAIR handled its first case of hijab (the headscarf worn by Muslim women) discrimination, in which a Muslim employee was denied the right to wear the hijab; this type of complaint is now one of the most common received by CAIR’s civil rights department.
      Ref : American–Islamic Relations
      In this case of Najaf Khan CARE responded to Khan’s termination and said, “No employee should face termination because of his or her faith or religious practices.

    • I don’t want to waste my time by answering your STUPID comment. Rather I will here post an article written by Yvonne Ridley, a British journalist.

      How I Came To Love The Veil: Yvonne Ridley

      (Yvonne Ridley is a British Journalist, currently working for Press TV, the Iranian based English News channel. She hogged the limelight after the Taliban took her as a captive in Afghanistan in the year 2001. After her release, she embraced Islam)
      “I used to look at veiled women as quiet, oppressed creatures and now I look at them as multi-skilled, multi-talented, resilient women whose brand of sisterhood makes Western feminism pale into insignificance.”
      Politicians and Journalists just love to write about the oppression of women in Islam … without even talking to the females beneath the veil.
      They simply have no idea how Muslim women are protected and respected within the Islamic framework which was built more than 1400 years ago.
      Yet, by writing about cultural issues like child brides, female circumcision, honor killings and forced marriages they wrongly believe they are coming from a point of knowledge.
      And I am sick of Saudi Arabia being cited as an example of how women are subjugated in a country where they are banned from driving.
      The issues above have simply nothing to do with Islam yet they still write and talk about them with an arrogant air of authority while wrongly blaming Islam. Please do not confuse cultural behavior with Islam.
      I was asked to write about how Islam allows men to beat their wives. Sorry, not true. Yes, I’m sure critics of Islam will quote random Qur’anic verses or Ahadith but all are usually taken out of context. If a man does raise a finger to his wife, he is not allowed to leave a mark on her body … this is another way of the Qur’an saying; “Don’t beat your wife, stupid”.
      Now let’s take a glance at some really interesting statistics, hmm. I can almost hear the words pot, kettle, black. According to the National Domestic Violence Hotline, four million American women experience a serious assault by a partner during an average 12-month period.
      On the average, more than three women are murdered by their husbands and boyfriends every day . . . that is nearly 5,500 women battered to death since 9/11.
      Some might say that is a shocking indictment on such a civilized society, but before I sound too smug, I would say that violence against women is a global issue. Violent men do not come in any particular religious or cultural category. The reality is that one out of three women around the world has been beaten, coerced into sex or otherwise abused during her lifetime. Violence against women transcends religion, wealth, class, skin color and culture.
      However, until Islam came on the scene women were treated as inferior beings. In fact we women still have a problem in the West where men think they are superior. This is reflected in our promotion and wages structure right across the spectrum from cleaners to career women who make it into the boardroom.
      Western women are still treated as commodities, where sexual slavery is on the rise, disguised under marketing euphemisms, where womens’ bodies are traded throughout the advertising world. As mentioned before, this is a society where rape, sexual assault, and violence on women is commonplace, a society where the equality between men and women is an illusion, a society where a womens’ power or influence is usually only related to the size of her breasts.
      I used to look at veiled women as quiet, oppressed creatures and now I look at them as multi-skilled, multi-talented, resilient women whose brand of sisterhood makes Western feminism pale into insignificance. My views changed after the truly terrifying experience of being arrested by the Taleban for sneaking into Afghanistan in September 2001 wearing the burkha.
      During my 10-day captivity I struck a deal that if they let me go I would read the Qur-an and study Islam. Against all the odds, it worked and I was released. In return I kept my word but as a journalist covering the Middle East I realized I needed to expand my knowledge of a religion which was clearly a way of life.
      And no. I’m not a victim of Stockholm Syndrome. To be a victim you have to bond with your captors. During my imprisonment I spat, swore, cursed and abused my jailers as well as refusing their food and going on hunger strike. I don’t know who was happier when I was released – them or me!
      Reading the Quran was, I thought, going to be a very simple academic exercise. I was stunned to discover that it clearly stated women are equal in spirituality, education and worth. A woman’s gift for child birth and child-rearing is very much recognized as a quality and attribute. Muslim women say with pride they are homemakers and housewives.
      Furthermore The Prophet (pbuh) said that the most important person in the home was The Mother, The Mother, The Mother. In fact he also said that heaven lies at the feet of the mother. How many women make it into the top 100 power lists for simply being a “great mother”?
      With Islam choosing to remain at home and raise children takes on a new dignity and respect in my eyes, similar to those sisters among us who choose to go out to work and have careers and professions.
      I then began looking at inheritance, tax, property and divorce laws. This is where Hollywood divorce lawyers probably get their inspiration from. For instance the woman gets to keep what she earns and owns while the man has to stump up half his worth.
      Isn’t it funny the way the tabloid media gets very excited over the prospect of some pop or film stars pre-nuptial wedding agreement? Muslim women have had wedding contracts from day one. They can choose if they want to work or not and anything they earn is theirs to spend while the husband has to pay for all the household bills and the upkeep of his family.
      Just about everything that feminists strived for in the 70s was already available to Muslim women 1400 years ago.
      As I said, Islam dignifies and brings respect to motherhood and being a wife. If you want to stay at home, stay at home. It is a great honor to be a home maker and the first educator of your children.
      But equally, the Qur’an states if you want to work, then work. Be a career woman; learn a profession become a politician. Be what you want to be and excel in what you do as a Muslim because everything you do is in praise of Allah (swt).
      There is an excessive, almost irritating concentration or focus on the issue of Muslim women’s’ dress particularly by men (both Muslim and non-Muslim).
      Yes, it is an obligation for Muslim women to dress modestly but, in addition, there are many other important issues which concern Muslim women today.
      And yet everyone obsesses over the hijab. Look, it is part of my business suit. This tells you I am a Muslim and therefore I expect to be treated with respect.
      Can you imagine if someone told a Wall Street executive or Washington banker to put on a t-shirt and jeans? He would tell you his business suit defines him during work hours, marks him out to be treated seriously.
      And yet in Britain we have had the former Foreign Secretary Jack Straw describing the nikab – the face veil revealing only the eyes – as an unwelcome barrier. When, oh when, will men learn to keep their mouths shut over a woman’s wardrobe?
      We also had Government Ministers Gordon Brown and John Reid express disparaging remarks about the nikab – both these men come from over the Scottish Borders where men wear skirts!!
      Then we had a series of other parliamentarians enter the fray describing the nikab as a barrier for communication. What a load of nonsense. If this was the case can anyone explain to me why cell phones, landlines, emails, text messaging and fax machines are in daily use? Who listens to the radio? No one switches off the wireless because they can not see the face of the presenter.
      The majority of sisters I know who choose to wear the nikab are actually white, Western reverts who no longer want the unwelcome attention of those few leering men who will try and confront females and launch into inappropriate behavior. Mind you, there are a couple of London sisters I know who say they wear the nikab at anti-war marches because they can’t stand the smell of spliffs.
      I am afraid Islamophobia has become the last refuge of the racist scoundrel. But the cowardly, chauvinistic attacks launched – largely by men – is unacceptable to Muslimahs as well as their secular, female sisters from the left.
      I was a feminist for many years and now, as an Islamic feminist, I still promote womens’ rights. The only difference is Muslim feminists are more radical than their secular counterparts. We all hate those ghastly beauty pageants, and tried to stop laughing when the emergence of Miss Afghanistan in bikini was hailed as a giant leap for women’s liberation in Afghanistan.
      I’ve been back to Afghanistan many times and I can tell you there are no career women emerging from the rubble in Kabul. My Afghan sisters say they wish the West would drop its obsession with the bhurka. “Don’t try turning me into a career woman, get my husband a job first. Show me how I can send my children to school without fear of them being kidnapped. Give me security and bread on the table,” one sister told me.
      Young feminist Muslimahs see the hijab and the nikab as political symbols as well as a religious requirement. Some say it is their way of showing the world they reject the excesses of Western lifestyles such as binge drinking, casual sex, drug-taking etc.
      Superiority in Islam is accomplished through piety, not beauty, wealth, power, position or sex.
      Now you tell me what is more liberating. Being judged on the length of your skirt and the size of your cosmetically enhanced breasts, or being judged on your character, mind and intelligence?
      Glossy magazines tell us as women that unless we are tall, slim and beautiful we will be unloved and unwanted. The pressure on teenage magazine readers to have a boyfriend is almost obscene.
      Islam tells me that I have a right to an education and it is my duty to go out and seek knowledge whether I am single or married.
      No where in the framework of Islam are we told as women that we must do washing, cleaning or cooking for men – but it is not just Muslim men who need to re-evaluate women in their home. Check out this 1992 exert from a Pat Robertson speech revealing his views on empowered women. And then you tell me who is civilized and who is not.
      Here is an American man living in a pre-Islamic age who needs to modernize and civilize. People like him are wearing a veil and we need to tear that veil of bigotry away so people can see Islam for what it is.

      • When somebody points out fingers at women status in Islam, your community starts writing quotes of Quran. I am not interested in quotes. I am interested in the present situation of women in muslim community. If you ask a muslim married couple whether they want son or daughter, around 99% percentage will say son… why is it so? if Islam offers equal prestige to men & women then why preference goes to son only. This question you need to address.
        If you go to western countries, the answer of this question would be 50% son & 50% daughter. Hence I say the situation of women in muslim is pathetic. Women in Islam is like a parrot in cage. Parrot has security but no freedom!!

        • @secular hindu….thus brayed a hindutwaadi ass/you…islam – this that blah blah…what about your female infanticide..child marriages…dowry..rapes..satti..etc..etc…damm hindutwaad n hindutwaadis.

        • With proud we Muslims are guided by Qur’an and Hadith (Teachings of our Priphet ??? ???? ???? ????)
          You might have lost your mind, that’s why you posted such childish and immature comment. Based on your assumption, you told “If you ask a muslim married couple whether they want son or daughter, around 99% percentage will say son… why is it so?”
          It’s ridiculous and absurd. We are 100% sure that, this question you DID NOT ASK a single Muslim, because in your question you have used the word ‘If’ ……… what does this mean? Dump your AGAR, MAGAR, SHAED, LEKIN to dust bin.
          Come forward with practical ‘Statistical Report’ of Indian society, majority (85%) of which are Hindus
          “Sex-selective abortion or female foeticide has led to a sharp drop in the ratio of girls born in contrast to boy infants in some states in India. Ultrasound technology has made it possible for pregnant women and their families to learn the gender of a foetus early in a pregnancy. Discrimination against girl infants, for several reasons, has combined with the technology to result in a rise in abortions of foetuses identified as female during ultrasonic testing.
          The trend was first noticed when results of the 1991 national census were released, and it was confirmed to be a worsening problem when results of the 2001 national census were released. The reduction in the female population of certain Indian states continues to worsen, as results of the 2011 national census have shown. It has been observed that the trend is most pronounced in relatively prosperous regions of India.[8] The dowry system in India is often blamed; the expectation that a large dowry must be provided for daughters in order for them to marry is frequently cited as a major cause for the problem.[9] Pressure for parents to provide large dowries for their daughters is most intense in prosperous states where high standards of living, and modern consumerism, are more prevalent in Indian society.
          Rates of female foeticide in Madhya Pradesh are increasing; the rate of live births was 836 girls per 1000 boys in 2001, which dropped to 812 by 2011. It is expected that if this trend continues, by 2021 the number of girls will drop below 900 per 1000 boys…………”
          Due this alarming condition PM Modi launched Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao (Hindi: ???? ????, ???? ?????, Save girl child, educate girl child) a Government of India scheme that aims to generate awareness and improve the efficiency of welfare services meant for women. The scheme was launched with an initial corpus of ?100 crore (US$15 million)
          According to census data, the child sex ratio (0–6 years) in India was 927 girls per 1,000 boys in 2001, which dropped drastically to 918[2] girls for every 1,000 boys in 2011. A 2012 UNICEF report ranked India 41st among 195 countries.
          The Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao (BBBP) Scheme was introduced in October, 2014 to address the issue of declining child sex ratio (CSR). This is implemented through a national campaign and focused multi-sector action in 100 selected districts with low CSR, covering all States and UTs. It is a joint initiative of the Ministry of Women and Child Development, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and the Ministry of Human Resource Development.
          Speaking on the occasion of International Day of the Girl Child, Prime Minister Modi, called for the eradication of female foeticide and invited suggestions from the citizens of India on “Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao” on the portal.
          Prime Minister Modi launched the programme on 22 January 2015 from Panipat, Haryana.


          Dear secular Hindu come to sense, don’t post non-sense comment.
          If you want to fight your enemy then you must learn about your enemy’s history, otherwise you will be annihilated.
          In this perspective I will request you to read the article – How I Came To Love The Veil- written by Yvonne Ridley, a BRITISH JOURNALIST

          • To Moderator of Muslim Mirror-
            In my above post please find a line
            “…..(Teachings of our Priphet ??? ???? ???? ????)
            Here I wrote in Arabic font -Sallallhu Alayhe wa Sallam (PBUH), but the Arabic font did not appear here, instead it appeared like ??? ???? ???? ????)
            So pleas rectify this and write Sallallhu Alayhe wa Sallam (PBUH)
            Also rectify the spelling (of Prophet) mistake, please.

        • Secular Hindu – You wrote .”……….Hence I say the situation of women in muslim is pathetic…”

          Stupid comment. You see Sati Daha Pratha your Hindu society –

          In this age of ascending feminism and focus on equality and human rights, it is difficult to assimilate the Hindu practice of sati, the burning to death of a widow on her husband’s funeral pyre, into our modern world. Indeed, the practice is outlawed and illegal in today’s India, yet it occurs up to the present day and is still regarded by some Hindus as the ultimate form of womanly devotion and sacrifice.
          Sati (also called suttee) is the practice among some Hindu communities by which a recently widowed woman either voluntarily or by use of force or coercion commits suicide as a result of her husband’s death. The best known form of sati is when a woman burns to death on her husband’s funeral pyre. However other forms of sati exist, including being buried alive with the husband’s corpse and drowning.

          Some Hindu Sects follow – After the death of a husband a Hindu widow was expected to live the life of an aesthetic, renouncing all social activities, shaving her head, eating only boiled rice and sleeping on thin coarse matting (Moore 2004).

          Since its very foundation the Sikh religion has explicitly prohibited it. Sati was regarded as a barbaric practice by the Islamic rulers of the Mogul period, and many tried to halt the custom with laws and edicts banning the practice.


        • With pride we want to say that Islam is a religion of peaceand Islam has bestowed due liberty to women. You are ignorant about history and making FALSE allegation. Islam has liberated people from slavery, injustice……
          In India, for your daughter’s marriage, how much dowry you have to pay e.g. lakhs of rupees and kilos of gold etc???
          See in Gulf countries Muslims are following the teachings of Islam. For the marriage of daughters, fathers are paying nothing, all costs are born by groom.
          Pregnant women in India, being afraid of fact that they have to pay huge dowry, doing abortion in inhuman way after identifying that she is bearing female baby.
          But 1500 years ago Islam taught that – If a man has three daughters and he is taking care to grow them up, teaching good manners, then he will be rewarded with HEAVEN. Still today Muslims in those countries feel happy when baby girl is born.
          Lower cast people are untouchable, this custom still practiced in your society, are you not ashamed of this ???
          Out of frustration you are spewing venom against Islam.
          “Many Hindus, say that they were unaware of their own religion unless they watched Dr Nayak lectures. These Hindus started questioning the Hindu gurus and to their parents about many myths which were sold to them as religious obligation in their ignorant years”

    • To shut your jabbering and chattering, another article is posted here –

      Sarkozy’s problem with ‘burqa’ – by Mohammad Shahjahan
      Posted: July 11 2009 Post subject: Sarkozy’s problem with ‘burqa’

      Last month, backing an initiative put by 60 Jews and pro-Israel MPs – French President Nicholas Sarkozy attacked Muslim woman-dress by saying: “The issue of burqa is not a religious issue, it is a question of freedom and of woman’s dignity… I want to say solemnly that it will not be welcome on our territory…..” Now being given birth by a Jewish woman – Sarkozy should know that the most oppressive religion amongst Abrahamic faiths is Judaism – especially when it comes to women. Every male Jew is required to recite in his daily prayer: “Thanks G-d for not making me a Gentile, a Woman or a Slave”. Furthermore, in Orthodox Judaism a wife has no right to ask for divorce – and girl child born is considered to be “born nothing”.

      But then, Sarkozy can argue that he follows his Fsather’s Christian faith – however, according to the Rabbanic law on Jewishness is that a person born to a Jewish mother is always Jewish no matter which man-made dogma he/she practice. For example, the great majority of World Zionist movement leaders including Theodor Herzl and Chaim Weizmann (first president of Zionist entity) were professed Atheists, but they dedicated their lives for the creation of the so-called “Jewish state”. One can also ignore the fact that Sarkozy has been accused of being a MOSSAD agent .

      Sarkozy was hailed as the defender of secularism, liberalism and women’s rights by the western mainstream media – highlighting the “moderate voices” within Muslim world, which prefer western bikini over Muslim burqa. One of the Hindu leader who praised Sarkozy’s Islamophobic outburst but was not mentioned in the Zionist-controlled mainstream media – was Bal Thackeray of Shiv Sena, who has been intimidating girls on Valentine Day off and on and giving the ‘fatwa’ that girls should not wear jeans.

      The ’self-denial’ is not only Sarkozy’s domain. India’s president Prathiba Patil is another living example. She recently stated that the ‘Ghunghat (Hijjab)’ in Rajasthan, which has been worn by both Muslim and non-Muslim women for centuries – was introduced by the Muslim kings for hiding the cruel treatment of their woman folks. I wonder, what she think of why the Hindu ritual of “Sati (burning of wife alive along with her husband’s dead body)” was established – which is carried out in remote areas of India even today Or the dehumanizing nude pictures of women having sex in Hindu religious scripture (Kama Sutra) and Temple and half-naked young Hindu girls dancing in front of gods for their sexual pleasure – is not more degrading than the so-called Hijjab being an act of oppression. The Hindu religion and society allows pre-marital sex, extra-marital affairs and same-gender sex.

      For example, gay activist, Ashok Row Kavi, recounts that when he was studying at the Ramakrishna Mission, a monk told him that the Mission was not a place to run away from himself, and that he should live boldly, ignoring social prejudices, and testing his actions to see if he was hurting anyone. Inspired by this advice, Ashok went on to publish the gay magazine Bombay Dost. In 2004, when Hindu scholar K. Surdarshan denounced homosexuality, Ashok wrote an open letter to him in the press, asking Sudrashan to study ancient Hindu scripture while calling himself “a faithful Hindu”.

      The well-known Hindu intellectual, Deepak Chopra, was sailing smothly on Larry King Alive TV show on CNN (November 26, 2008) until he made the politically wrong statement: “The real Muslim will never carry out terrorism in the name of Allah”. This irked most of the Ziofacist and Hindufacist on internet – calling him an ignorant and supporter of Islamofascism.

      Long before the Dawn of Islam (610 CE), Veiling and seclusion existed among Jewish, Christian and Persian communities. In ancient Mesopotamia veil of a woman was regarded as sign of respectability and status. So much so, that even after the WW I, some Jewish prostitutes used to wear veil in Germany while in public. Pictures of Mary, Jesus’ mother , show her wearing ‘chaoudar (Hijjab)’ and Catholic Nuns still wear veils.

      Holy Qur’an demands that both believing men and women practice modesty in covering their bodies – both in public and private lives. It doesn’t prescribe a particular dress-style, which is left to local customs and climatic conditions. The so-called “burqa” is worn in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh only. The rest of Muslim world practice their own concept and style of covering women faces and other sex-erousing parts. Even the pictures put with Sarkozy’s whining by the Zionist media idiots were “burqa wearing Indian/Pakistani women” and not Muslim women living in France or other parts of Europe.

      The great majority of Muslim women and even some non-Muslim women have found Hijjab and Muslim female clothing as “enlightening experience”. Spencer Wall 20, a Christian sociology and English senior took her acid test to find out what it’s like to walk as a Muslimah for a while. She recalls her experience in The Daily Texan (June 5, 2009) under the heading Covere life gives new perspective:

      “This experience has taught me to respect a woman’s decision to stay at home with her children or wear Hijjab or go out and become CEOs…. It has taught me to show more devotion to my Christian faith by praying more often as Muslims do (5-times a day)….”

      I would like to conclude by citing Sarkozy’s Canadian Jewish brother, Henry Makow PhD, whose website is under attack by Israel Lobby groups (B’nai Brith, Canadian Jewish Congress, etc.) wrote an interesting article in September 2002, titled Bikini vs Burka:

      “The role of woman is at the heart of any culture. Apart from stealing Arab oil, the impending war in the Middle East is about stripping Arabs of their religion and culture, exchanging the burka for bikini….For me, the burqa represents a woman’s consecration to her husband and family. Only they see her. It confirms the privacy, exclusivity, and importance of domestic sphere. The Muslim woman’s focus is her home, the “nest” where her children are born and reared. She is the “home” maker, the taproot that sustain the spiritual life of the family, nurturing and training her children, providing refuge and support to her husband.

      The bikinied (western) beauty queen struts practically naked in front of millions on TV. A feminist she belongs to herself. In practice, paradoxically, she is public property. She belongs to no one and everyone. She shops her body to the highest bidder. She is auctioning herself all the time.

      Feminism (western) is another cruel New World Order hoax that has debauched American women and despoiled western civilization. It has ruined millions of lives and represents a lethal threat to Islam….”

  3. Bikini vs Burka – by Henry Makow PhD, Canadian Jewish brother of former French President Sarkozy

    “The role of woman is at the heart of any culture. Apart from stealing Arab oil, the impending war in the Middle East is about stripping Arabs of their religion and culture, exchanging the burka for bikini….For me, the burqa represents a woman’s consecration to her husband and family. Only they see her. It confirms the privacy, exclusivity, and importance of domestic sphere. The Muslim woman’s focus is her home, the “nest” where her children are born and reared. She is the “home” maker, the taproot that sustain the spiritual life of the family, nurturing and training her children, providing refuge and support to her husband.

    The bikinied (western) beauty queen struts practically naked in front of millions on TV. A feminist she belongs to herself. In practice, paradoxically, she is public property. She belongs to no one and everyone. She shops her body to the highest bidder. She is auctioning herself all the time.

    Feminism (western) is another cruel New World Order hoax that has debauched American women and despoiled western civilization. It has ruined millions of lives and represents a lethal threat to Islam….”

    • Why u guys are always act cry baby when someone point finger at you or your faith. There is a great saying ignorance is bliss.

      Come to goodness think good about others it will come to you. See the results of your ignorance worldover. You can keep on quoting your holy scriptures or some superficial arguments, but the truth is in reality it doesn’t work. Else countries with majority muslim population would be happy but on the contary they are not subjugated.

      Don’t agrue they are not true followers or hybrid followers, even if the hybrid is so bad dont know about true.

      Coming back to the article the lady hided her priority during interview and you guys dont have guts to accept it, rather you are attacking the others.

      This shows how selfish or ignorant you are. Try to do somethign good for others or then expect anythign in return.

      • To- varun,
        You wrote – “but the truth is in reality it doesn’t work”
        In your hostile eyes you may see “it doesn’t work”,
        but the practical is – It works, that’s why within short span of time Islam is embraced by people of large parts of world, and in-spite of present hostile attitude by non-Muslims, towards Muslims, Islam is spreading. That’s why we are listening the word ‘Islamophobia’.
        We don’t want to argue with you, but if you make any offensive remark about us, then how do you expect that we should main ‘Mum’???

      • No one is crying like a baby Islam means peace guy is giving you rational answers and you are still brainwashed by the media, yes it is wrong if she does not wear hijab in the interview by saving your soul from Satan we are really saving you by the grace of Allah swt


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