VHP wants Telangana govt. to withdraw official honours for Mukarram Jah’s funeral

Mukarram Jah

By Muslim Mirror Network

On Monday, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) in Telangana objected to the state government’s choice to perform Mukarram Jah’s funeral, the titular Nizam VIII of the former princely State of Hyderabad, with formal honours.


The group argued that doing so disrespects the sacrifices made by individuals who took part in the resistance to Nizam rule.

According to a statement released by VHP on Monday night, officially recognising Nizam’s succession would be humiliating to the people of Telangana.

The VHP claimed that no one would ever forget the horrors carried out by “Razakars” (armed Nizam supporters) on the Hindus in the then-princely State of Hyderabad.

The outfit called for the cancellation of the plan to hold Mukarram Jah’s funeral with official honours.

The VHP took offence to the decision to perform the funeral with official honours, at a time when the Centre is organising festivities to mark 75 years of ‘Hyderabad State Liberation’. According to the statement, the state administration had also planned an event.

The VHP urged that the choice to hold Mukarram Jah’s funeral with official honours be reversed.

Mukarram Jah, the titular Nizam VIII, died in Istanbul, Turkey on January 14th.

As per his desire of being laid to rest in his home land, his children are scheduled to travel to Hyderabad with the mortal remains of the late Nizam on Tuesday, 17th January 2023.

On arrival the body will be taken to The Chowmahalla Palace and after completing the required rituals the burial will take place at the Asaf Jahi family tombs.


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