Video: Jamia shooter Ram Bhakt calls for killing of Muslims at mahapanchayat in Haryana

Ram Bhakt Gopal firing gunshots outside Jamia in 2020

By Muslim Mirror Staff

New Delhi:  Ram Bhakt Gopal, who fired gunshots and injured a student, Shadab, during an anti-CAA protest outside Jamia Millia Islamia in 2020, was seen at a mahapanchayat held in Haryana’s Pataudi village today.

In a video that has emerged on social media, Ram Bhakt can be seen glorifying his act of shooting at Jamia. ”When Ram Bhakt can go to Jamia, 100 kilometres away, to support the CAA then Pataudi is not very far away.”

”When mulle [derogatory term used for Muslims] will be killed we will shout Ram, Ram” he raised the slogan during his speech.

The event was also attended by Suraj Paul Amu, the newly-appointed spokesperson of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party. He also called for the ethnic cleansing of Muslims.

Almost a month ago, a similar mahapanchayat was held in support of men arrested for the murder of Asif, a gym trainer from Khalilpur village of Haryana’s Nuh district.

Ammu was appointed BJP spokesperson following his genocidal speech at the previous mahapanchayat.


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