Video : Muslims running with water bottles and biscuits to serve immigrant workers


By Special Correspondent

New Delhi, 31 March : Amid chaos and heart-wrenching scenes across the country due to  sudden Covid-19 lockdown announcement by PM Modi a heart touching video has emerged from UP.


In the  video Muslims are seen running with water bottles and snacks to give migrant workers  returning home by buses, trucks and other vehicles in UP.

After lockdown announcement hundreds of thousands of migrant workers stuck in Metro cities particularly in Delhi wanted to go their home  in Bihar and UP on foot, cycle, cart or whatever means available.

At least 25 migrant laborers including five children reportedly died in their struggle to return home since Prime March 23.

Most of them due to hunger.

Sensing the gravity of the situation Muslims residing near  the roads came out to save those workers who had nothing to eat or drink.

They started serving water bottles, biscuits and other edibles to the hungry travellers.

Will Yogi put up the pictures of these brave hearts on hoardings at prominent junctions, asked Khalid Noor Mohammed in his Facebook post.


    • First spread CORONA.they are BIO they are trying to whitewash their crimes.we know this double standard game.indian muslims are traitors forever.

      • Suprice to see educated deepak kumar think like this.

        Corona is spreading world wide no where it see religion. Why we waste time on hate language against muslims.

  1. Lacs of victims have been served with foods and water by RSS and also by Gurudwara Bangla Sahib. Here, only three persons are shown serving water bottles and there is publicity. It is this tendency which causes concern.

    • Its not lakhs, its crores for RSS the selfish Sanghis. Ha ha ha….

      If you find a healthy man who never donated blood till 50 years age, there is 200% chance he is a selfish Sanghi…

      • You dumbhead RSS also helped people in flood stop going 5 times to do whatever shit you do and educate yourself.i don’t give a damn even if crores of muslims dies.muslims are not humans universally prooven.even animals are good than muslims.

  2. In India if scholarly muslims like Aref Mohammed Khan and wahihuddin khan can be attacked by muslims then how they will respect someone who is only a kafir in their eyes. Even in the days of prophet the Munafiqs (Imposters) attacked the prophets family.

    India is not non-violent because of Nehru or Gandhi it is non-violent because of 90% Hindu majority practicing a tolerant hindu religion. Just 1 muslim majority state in India & see how secularism thrown out the window. No Media want to even talk about exodus of Kashmiri hindus

    I call the Indian & Pakistani muslims & hindus most badnaseeb qaum, they became pawns in the chess games of British & Americans, a few hindus & muslims & congress party & communist party & paid media, journalists, activists, arabs supported enemies of India benefit from the loot


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